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Wine Review: Black Box Wines

I am by no means a wine expert, as a matter of fact, I’m far from it. I’m not picky when it comes to wine and I usually prefer sweet over dry. However, I am here to share a wine that I’ve discovered that I would definitely consider a “must-have” for any wine drinker (beginner or expert).

Introducing Black Box Wines

Before you go judging the fact that these wines are in a box, let me explain something real quick… Black Box Wine is good. The box looks fancy and it even looks fab in the fridge.

You are probably wondering… Why in the heck did they put the wine in a box? Well, they said.. it’s because it offers superior quality, value, convenience and environmental friendliness. Quality is assured by the bag-in-a-box packaging, which keeps Black Box wines fresh for at least four weeks after opening. (Bottled wine begins spoiling a few days after uncorking.) And because they’re not paying for expensive glass, they can offer you four bottles worth of fine wine for the cost of two.

Box wine also is far more convenient than bottled wine – lightweight, portable and unbreakable – so you can enjoy a glass anytime, anywhere without having to worry about a corkscrew or breakage. And Black Box is environmentally friendlier than glass bottles, requiring far less energy to produce and transport.

I can drink to that!

Now a little about the wine itself: To maximize the quality of Black Box wines, they source superb grapes from the world’s top wine-growing regions, including Central Coast, Sonoma County, New Zealand, Mendoza, Argentina, and Columbia Valley, Washington. The wines are traditionally crafted, with meticulous attention paid to every step of the wine-making process.

Can world-class wines come from a box? With Black Box, they can and do!

You can view Black Box Wines on their website & on facebook.

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  • neil ohara

    Be aware sometimes the valve doesn’t close all the way.You end up with wine dripping in the cabinet or fidge unknowingly.To bad love the wine though.

    • Modern Day Moms

      Thank you for sharing!

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