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Chicken and Black Bean Tostadas

Makes 6 servings
Hands-on time: 15 min.
Total time: 15 min.

Dress up these tostadas with additional toppings such as crumbled queso fresco, shredded lettuce, sliced radishes, and pico de gallo.


1 (15-oz.) can refried black beans

6 tostada shells

2 cups shredded mojo-flavored deli-roasted chicken

1 2 cup refrigerated creamy chipotle ranch dressing

1 4 cup chopped fresh cilantro


1. Spread beans over tostada shells; top with chicken. Drizzle with dressing; sprinkle with cilantro. Serve immediately.

Budget Special

Buy whole chickens and romaine lettuce at “superstore,” and incorporate them into your weekly menu planning. Roast a couple of chickens on Sunday to use in your weekday meals.

Recipe provided to Modern Day Moms from Southern Living. Recipe from their Southern Living Superfast Southern: Comfort Food in 20 Minutes or Less! cookbook.

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