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Clek Oobr Review. A Booster Seat Kids And Parents Will Both Love.

Here on Modern Day Moms, we’ve talked about car seats and showcased quite a few that we think are great. Now, I’d like to talk about booster seats. Here in California (and in many other states) new laws went into place at the beginning of the year to require children to be in a booster seat (in the back seat) under the age of 8 and under 4’9″. I know this stirred the pot a little amongst parents who had originally thought they were done with the booster seat! But, really it’s all about safety. A booster seat is mainly about seat belt positioning, to ensure a child is fully protected by a seat belt, and won’t end up actually being injured by it in the event of a crash.

The great folks at Clek sent me their booster seats to check out. I’m really in love with their fullback booster, the Oobr. This booster seat is built for the parent who still feels that the seat belt isn’t enough, and wants the peace of mind of having side impact protection and more. Kids are going to love it, too. It’s comfy, comes in cool colors, and has a modern appeal to its design.

Lets check out some of the major points of the Clek Oobr.

  • First up, belt guides. The belt guides are positioned in the head rest, which means you can position the head rest appropriately for your child’s height, and the belt guides will be in the right place. The lap belt fits over the lap guides to make sure the belt lays correctly in your child’s lap for optimum safety and less injury.
  • The Oobr has deep side wings that connect to the frame using steel rods to boost head protection in the event of an accident.
  • Easy to use LATCH gives extra protection and stability.
  • There’s more safety features that can be found on their website, but these are some of the main things to consider and the points I find most important.

Clek also made sure your kiddo was comfortable for the long haul in this seat. Afterall, you want your mini passengers to actually want to sit in their seats, right? Clek didn’t miss the mark. The seat is super cushiony. As soon as I pulled the Oobr out of the box, my daughter wanted to sit right in it. And she did! All night, actually. I let her check it out and she sat in it and read, watched t.v and lounged for the evening. No worries about whether or not she’ll sit in it when the time comes! There are tons of colors to choose from, and my favorite – Paul Frank fabrics! I’m loving those prints and I can’t decide which one I like more. There’s definitely something for boys and girls alike.

Another thing to help make your child more comfortable, is that the seat back reclines with the pull of a lever in the front. I like this because sometimes kids fall asleep, and if they are sitting straight up, their heads usually fall forward. At least this way, you can recline them a bit (it’s not a major recline) and they can lean their head to the side more comfortably.

Need to move the Oobr from one car to another? No problem. There’s an easy carry handle on the back so you can just grab and go with one hand. It’s a bit on the heavy side, but nothing you can’t handle while still wrangling a toddler. The Oobr also grows with your child. When you don’t need the shoulder positioning from the head rest, and feel it’s time to move away from the fullback booster, you can take the back off! Your child will still have the comfort of soft cushioned arm rests, but without the full back.

Here’s a look at the easy to use LATCH. There’s nothing to pull on or tighten. You just click them in place!

Here’s some important specs to note while you shop:

Fullback specs:

Child height: 38-57 in.
Weight: 33-100 lbs
Min. age: 4 years


Child height: 40-57 in.
Weight: 40-100 lbs.
Min. age: 4 years.

Did I mention the cool colors the Oobr comes in? Yeah. There’s 5 colors and 2 Paul Frank prints. The upholstery is Crypton Super Fabrics, which means it’s stain, moisture, and bacteria resistant. Hello, everything we need in a car seat fabric! Not to mention, the bottom cover comes of easily for machine washing. Clek has a series of other great products as well. If you don’t need a fullback booster, and just want the seat it’s self, then look for the Olli. Good for kids 6-12 years, Clek also sent me this seat to check out and I have to say, it’s a nice looking backless! They claim no numb-bum in their website, and while my daughter isn’t big enough to test this one yet, I believe it. It’s super nice and soft, has LATCH and the seat cover can be changed out. How fun is that! For those of you still in need of a convertible car seat for the toddler set, be on the look out for the Foonf coming this summer. I am really excited and looking forward to the release of this car seat! Not only does it look amazing, but Clek really put the effort into surpassing safety standards. And, they claim it will fit better into small cars. YES! I have a tiny car. I call it the clown car. Several seats that I think are fantastic simply won’t fit in my car. I would love to find out if the Foonf can do it!

Seriously, what’s not to love? Ready to shop and connect with Clek?



Twitter: @clek

The great folks at Clek sent me booster seats to review. All text and opinions are my own.


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    LOVE this Rebekah!! The booster looks so modern and stylish.

  • clek

    Thank you Modern Day Moms for this super-uber review on Oobr! Be safe out there on the roads!

  • Modern Day Moms

    clek – Thank you!

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