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Welp, we have a crawler.

Welp, we have a crawler. She started out by my feet and ended up gunning it straight for that toy. Where does the time go?

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  • moderndaymoms

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  • kimmipooxo

    So got so big!

  • amysaavedra

    Oh gosh that bumbo thing was a total waste of money for us. Baby never liked it. How’s that lion thing on the left. My son basically hates all toys and only wants me and strings of any sort. Also remote controls. ?

  • Love your rug!

  • Hahaha @amysaavedra it’s only funny because my son, who is 8, also pushes aside toys for robot boxes, imaginary games, paper airplanes etc. I’m finally learning to embrace it and the money I’m saving by him making his own toys.


    Such amazing pictures ?

  • moderndaymoms

    @amysaavedra The actual bimbo seat got tossed almost immediately. She hated it. She does love the toy part pictures in the bottom of the photo, mainly to kick around and play with her feet… but whatever works. The lion thing on the left she got for Christmas from her great grandma and she loves it. It’s meant to be pushed around when they start to learn to walk so they can hold on to it but it’s also good for them to crawl up to and play with.

  • moderndaymoms

    Lol Bumbo. Autocorrect. ? @amysaavedra

  • blacktiekids

    Beautiful rug! Looks comfy too

  • lifexponential

    Where did you get that rug? Love it

  • amysaavedra

    @moderndaymoms lol did the same to me! Yeah my son always hated the seat! We do high hair now and he can hang in there for quite some time :)

  • 2famacdonald

    Way to go!!!!!

  • moderndaymoms

    @lifexponential Urban Outfitters

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