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DIY Crafts: Glitter Pumpkins

Give your pumpkins a little glam this fall season. This is a pretty simple craft and your kids are sure to love it as well.

Glitter tip: Clean up glitter easily by using a lint roller.

What you will need:

Pumpkin (Tip: It is best to use a lightweight artificial pumpkin or gourd.)
A small cardboard box.
Elmer’s glue
A plastic spoon
Glitter… any color you prefer.


1. Dump about a cup of glitter into box.

2. Cover pumpkin with glue using paintbrush.

3. Set pumpkin in box of glitter.
4. Use spoon to scoop glitter onto pumpkin.

5. Cover pumpkin with glitter.
6. Leave in box to dry.



Cheryl is a long-time contributor to this blog. A california-raised country girl and has been known to pull a recipe out of her drawer that is over 30 years old, scan it in and blog about it. She has an old-fashioned soul and offers amazing tips & advice, the same that your mother probably gave you. Before going on a trip, she will research the history of the city, the place she is staying and provide more information than you know what to do with… and that’s why she makes a wonderful contributor to this site.




  • Wendy

    This makes decorating for fall fun!

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