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“DIY: Tommy Bahama Inspired Coasters”

I saw some Tommy Bahama coasters at Home Goods one day and I just knew it would be easy to create my own. They are a quick little project, too.

Just get all your supplies and you will be ready:

  • pack of 6 round cork coasters from Hobby Lobby
  • stamps
  • ink for stamps
  • rope
  • Quick Grip
  • school glue

(I had a photo of all the supplies together and it disappeared!)

First, stamp up your coasters. 


Next, measure your rope around the edge of your coaster and cut where it meets. 


Dip the ends of your rope into the school glue to keep them from unraveling. Allow them to dry. This is the longest part of the project. 



Once they are dry, secure them into your cork with Quick Grip. This stuff is amazing!

Add something with weight on top to hold it in place while it dries.


And that’s it!! Easy peasy.




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