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Quick 5 Minute Enchiladas

The other night, my hubby and I worked together to make a delicious chili. He had a vegetarian version using Morning Star Crumbles and I made a simple ground beef chili. In it we had kidney beans, black beans and pinto beans. His was a little on the spicy side and mine.. just right.

Although chili is delicious and it’s even better left over, it gets kind of boring after a while. So, as we are on day 3 of this chili and frankly, I’d really just like to use it up so I decided to create these enchiladas. It literally took 5 minutes. It was so very easy and delicious.

Basically, you just take your left-over chili (or make a quick pot of it) and grab the tortillas, cheese & enchilada sauce. That’s it! You can add other things if you like, I know some people who add olives to their enchiladas or jalape os.

I took the chili and rinsed off a little bit of the spice and placed it in a bowl. I dipped the small tortillas in the red sauce before placing in my microwave-safe glass dish. I added the filling and rolled them over so the seam is face down.

Once I filled up the dish, I topped with remaining sauce and cheese and popped it in the microwave for 5 minutes. Done and done.

Now, you’ve got delicious enchiladas that took no time at all.


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