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DIY Crafts: Bright & Colorful Buddha Statues

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I can’t help but notice a trend when it comes to statues. From Target to Home Goods, they are everywhere.

I’m talking about colorful buddhas.

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.
– Buddha

From green to yellow, pink to orange, their bright presence is popular in the home decor section, and among households… including mine.

But, I’m not the only one who loves this trend. Here are some other colorful buddha statues we’ve found around the web:

source: a creative interior

source: young house love

What do you think of this trend? Now, it’s time to talk about making your own! It’s super easy.

What you will need

You can often find Buddha statues at the Goodwill store or other thrift stores. Keep an eye out! You will most likely spend less than $3.00 for it.

Spray paint in a high gloss

Whether the statue is terra cotta or metallic, you can easily spray paint it for a statue that gives off a pop of color.

Make sure you clean the statue before spray painting. Remove any rough spots, dirt, dust. Make sure it is dry before you spray paint.

If the statue is a dark color, you will most likely need to prime it first. You can do this by using a white spray paint and letting it dry before coating it with your preferred color.

Remember to do one coat at a time if you have to do more than one. Let it dry between coats. Most of the time, when I use spray paint, it only takes about an hour or less between coats to make sure it’s completely dry.

When done spray painting, if you use high gloss, you will most likely not need to use a clear coat but if you want to be safe, it really wouldn’t hurt.

Have fun!

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  • Wendy

    We always had Buddha in our house when I was growing up and I am sure my mother still has those statues/figurines somewhere.

    I absolutely love the Buddha next to the bathtub!

  • Jennifer broadbent

    Did anyone try painting these buddhas? How did they turn out?

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