“Going Through A Remodel With A New Baby Was So Much Fun (NOT)”

I hated our old kitchen. It was small, cramped and outdated. Not only that, the cabinets were crumbling, the wood had water damage and the cabinets were smaller than standard size so they couldn’t fit anything. When we moved into this house, I knew I wanted to change the kitchen but I didn’t know where to begin.

Fast forward to last year when I really wanted to kick the plan in motion, either we move or I’m getting the kitchen remodeled. Well, after putting our house on the market, I quickly realized that moving was not something we really wanted to do. Really, fixing up our house to make it a home would be the most ideal solution… not to mention, cheaper.

Thankfully, our Plumbing & HVAC was up and running quickly but the remodel job ended up taking mooooonths. It was very hard, especially with a new baby learning to crawl. Would I have done it again? No. Probably not with a little one. I would have waited. I am glad it is done though!



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