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Apparently I Have Green Thumbs

Gardening. Oooh. Scary.

I used to be terrified of gardening. Nothing ever worked out in a positive way when it involved seeds & dirt. So you can imagine my surprise this spring when ah, gardening and ooh, sprouts and ooh, it’s growing! It works!

So…… then.. I went a little overboard. Okay.. I really went all out. I made up for all the years that gardening didn’t happen for me and this year, I have plenty of garden to tend to. Let me just tell you about all the things I have going on at the moment:

– Tomatoes
– Snap Peas
– Marigolds
– Hibiscus Bushes
– Herbs (basil, cilantro, oregano, parsley, chives)
– Lemon Tree, Lime Tree (with limes on it now!) & Grapefruit
– French Beans
– Yellow Squash & Zucchini Squash
– Some unknown flower seeds that I planted to see if they would grow.. uh, they did.

… are you still with me? good, cause I’m not done…

– Ocra
– Radishes
– Turnips
– Cantaloupe
– Cucumbers
– Strawberries
– Peppers…..

Oh, and peppers… did I mention peppers? Oh will I ever be up to my ears in peppers. Literally.

In the photo above I have habanero, serrano, jalapeno, sweet & bell peppers. Oh, but there is more…

These are all peppers too. See, here is the thing. I planted these first, out of everything else in the garden… not realizing that they took A BAJILLION DAYS to sprout.. so I thought “oh man, I suck at gardening. these will never sprout”… so I went to a garden nursery and bought the pepper plants from the first photo above.. and planted those. Would you believe that 2 days later, the stinking peppers started sprouting. Worst part is, I accidentally mixed up the sweet pepper and habanero pepper pots… oh this should make for some interesting moments in cooking. *sigh*

Oh hey, cucumbers… I see your little blooms.

Tomatoes are doing well too. I planted some marigolds behind them to keep the nematodes away. True story.

Let me leave you on this note… gardening is super easy. I’m not really sure why my garden did so well this year as compared to years past but I do know that I’m a serious fan of gardening now. I am just ready to reap the benefits if you know what I’m sayin…

Have you attempted a garden before? What do you like to grow? Are you afraid to plant anything? Chat with me!

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  • renae davis

    I’ve tried many a time to successfully have a garden. I might just try one more time and hope that it’s successful like yours.

  • Tamera

    My mom and I tried our hand at gardening recently. We planted tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, carrots, and a few others that I am having a total brain fart and can’t think of lol. Totally a learning experience and will be shocked if anything comes up. Our neighbors told us we may have planted too deep, we shall see! Hopefully we will have some success like you are having! Good job! :)

    • Jess

      That could be! Hubby’s grandpa is a horticulture smarty and he really helped. Half the size of your finger is as deep as you should plant seeds usually… it was tricky but so far, things are okay!

  • amber

    I live in AZ and am a huge fan of succulents so I have those growing all over inside my house. But this year I ventured outdoors and tried my hand at tomatoes (heirloom and cherry) and everything’s going well so far. My husband won’t eat them so I’m very happy they’re mine all mine once they ripen. I’ve also got some cilantro and basil growing from seeds and am now tempted to try snap peas since I love to eat them so much. I am really enjoying the ‘food’ gardening and am so glad I gave it a shot this year.
    I also threw out some moss rose seeds and zinnia seeds to fill in the dirt around some established snapdragons that show up each year without fail and those have just sprouted. Other new plantings include 3 hibiscus bushes and a bougainvillea that we replaced after losing them in a freeze.

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