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Hair Tips for Busy Moms from Celebrity Hair Stylist

Michael Duenas, founder of Hair Room Service and celebrity hairstylist shares tips below on how to achieve coveted and fashionable hair styles without making that salon appointment!

Stylish top knot for a Mom on the go:

Nicole Richie rockin’ the top knot trend.

Gather all your hair into a tight ponytail at the highpoint of your head and secure with an elastic. Then either twist braid your hair (splitting the hair into 2 sections and twisting them around each other) or fish tail braid the hair. Wrap the braid around the elastic like a crown and secure with hair pins. A fancy quick and easy way to do a top knot.

For curly hair:

Once you step out of the shower, rake conditioner (the same conditioner you use in the shower) through your hair until it feels very slippery and soft, then scrunch with a t-shirt, paper towel or microfiber towel and let air dry! If you have time dry with the diffuser. This will give you perfect curls without working for them and no frizz!

Quick different / effective ponytail:

Make your hair appear to be in a ponytail without any elastics holding it! Section your hair from ear to ear just below your crown. Clip that hair out of the way. Take your remaining hair and secure in a very tight ponytail just below your previous section. Take your hair out of the top section and bring it down tight and smooth just under your ponytail and secure with an elastic. Then take the 1st ponytail you made out of its elastic. If done right, your second ponytail should hold your 1st ponytail in place and give the illusion no elastics are holding it!

About Hair Room Service:
Celebrity mobile salon, Hair Room Service has been noted as the best on-call salon for celebs and clients in New York City and Los Angeles. Top artists deliver an unparalleled collection of services, including beautiful blowouts, haircuts, personalized wardrobe styling, eyebrows, makeup and nail applications directly to the clients’ residence, hotel, or place of business. Clients will truly feel like a celebrity after receiving a visit from their own personal celeb stylist.

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