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Honeycomb Cereal Crusted French Toast

What can I say, I am a fan of comfort foods. When it comes to breakfast, the most important meal of the day, I like to start it out right. French Toast has long been a favorite in our house. Dipped in egg and fried until golden brown, there are a few takes on the deliciousness of a perfectly cooked slice of French Toast.

In one of my many travels, I experienced the delight known as Crunchy French Toast. A regular slice, coated on the outside with an impeccable crunch. The perfect mix of savory and sweet, the yin and yang of breakfast delicacies.

This is my take on the crunchy French toast. Using one of my absolute favorite cereals, Honeycomb, the lightly sweetened flavor of the cereal really complement the savory taste within the dipped and fried toast.

Give it a try, and perhaps you will find that you wouldn’t have it any other way.



1 cup crushed Honeycomb cereal
2 eggs
1/2 tbsp milk
1tsp cinnamon
4 slices bread
Butter for pan.
Powdered sugar (optional)

Heat frying pan on medium heat
Cut bread in half, triangle shaped.
Whip eggs, milk and cinnamon.
Add a pad of butter to frying pan and spread well.
Dip bread into egg mixture, then crushed honeycomb cereal.
Fry on both sides until golden brown. Serve topped with powdered sugar and syrup.

Tip: Once the bread has been dipped, place light pressure to push the honeycomb into the crust while frying so it cooks evenly.

Don’t be surprised if this quickly becomes a family favorite. By adding one simple and extra step to your regular French toast, you have now created a gourmet breakfast that everyone is sure to enjoy.

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