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How To Clean Food Stains From Dishes Naturally

I love Indian food. The spices, the aroma, the colors.

One thing I don’t love: the stains it leaves on the dishes and tupperware.

I decided to do a little experiment. We all know dish soap and dishwashers don’t really remove those stains as well as we’d like and eating on a dish that resembles your last meal isn’t exactly appealing.

Baking soda & Lemon juice is a magical, magical mixture.

You will need:

Lemon Juice
Baking Soda

I mixed it directly on the sponge which made a paste.

I spread the paste on the stains, rubbed it in and let them sit.

It was crazy! The stains that had been there for a few weeks lifted almost immediately. The stubborn stains needed to soak for longer.

You’d never guess this plate just had a bunch of set-in stains before rinsing. Did you?


Let the mixture sit on the stains before rinsing.

For those really stubborn stains, you might want to add in a little vinegar and just let the plates soak in the mixture.

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