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Instant Streaming For The Win

We are big fans of Netflix in our house. Not just any netflix service though, instant streaming is where it’s at. It’s cheaper than the standard netflix movie delivery in your mailbox. This service can be made possible by logging into netflix on a computer, on your iPod, iPhone, iPad, wii console & many more options. You are able to watch movies instantly and as many movies as you’d like in a day! It’s a fabulous service. It works great especially when you are out of town. I just log in to the netflix app on the iPad and my daughter has a large selection of cartoons to choose from.

My top 10 is pretty interesting. Considering my husband, daughter and I all watch movies from various devices.. We’ve got a mix of martial arts, disney, princesses and romantic comedy.

Download the apps: iPhone App link | iPad App link

You can also instant stream movies online and through these various outlets:

It’s definitely worth it for 7.99 a month! There are a lot of TV show seasons on there as well. I especially love the reality tv section. :)

I received FREE coupons in the mail for a 1 month free trial. The first 4 (now 3) people to comment will receive the coupon codes. I also have a link here to get a 1 month free trial. I assume it’s the same as the coupon codes!

* That link is NOT an affiliate link. I will not receive any sort of compensation or credit for you clicking on that link. This post is not a compensated post, I am just a fan of netflix. This is not a giveaway or hosted by netflix.

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  • ScullyT

    Yes Please!

    • Jess


  • Kevin E

    We love the streaming Netflix, especially from our Wii. I’ve noticed, however, they are offering less streaming movies and making you order them by mail.

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