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Parents Shouldn’t Text, Right?

One night while laying in bed next to my sleeping husband, I discovered the website, Parents Shouldn’t Text. I sort of wish I hadn’t… because I couldn’t control my laughter… I felt bad you know, for waking him up but this site was so. freaking. funny.

There are posts I skip past, they aren’t too funny, but for the most part this site is awesome! Here are a few of my favorites:

Ha! What about this one:

The absolute best one I’ve found is:

That poor mom.

I can’t end this post without a funny, short video, of the dad from Modern Family. You all know you love PHIL!

This reminds me of one of our editors, Emily. She totally says Why the face. Do you have any embarrassing texting moments? Please share them with us!!!

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  • via Facebook

    This makes me laugh!

  • via Facebook

    I told my realtor to meet me in bikinis once, instead of the name of a town close by here… stupid auto correct. – Jess

  • Emily



  • ScullyT

    I asked my motif she wanted to go get mani penis, when I meant pedis, stupid auto correct!!!

    Ps I’m married to the RL Phil….

    • ScullyT

      Dang it!!! Stupid auto correct, it changed mom if to motif!!

  • Heather

    Before texting even existed my mom tried her hand at pager code. She thought that “6-6-6” stood for MOM so whenever she was trying to get me to call her back my pager would read “6-6-6” and my friends and I would die laughing!

  • Toni via Facebook

    I have a doozy!! ok, long story! My ex’s name was Michael and my DH and I had just had our 1st son. He smiled for the first time and I wanted to text the pic to Mike, my DH! I said on the pic, “Big smile for Daddy”, then I accidentally texted it to the wrong Mike! Yikes!!! Ex texted me back with “What? Really?” Had to then tell Mike, my ex, that the baby wasn’t his, that it was my DH’s, Mike, lol!!!

  • via Facebook

    Oh my gosh Toni!! I would be so embarrassed hahaha!! -Jess

  • Toni via Facebook

    Yes, lol, Jess! I was embarrassed to say the least!!

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