“Alice is Here!”

A while back, we introduced you to Alice,a website that allows you to purchase all your home essentials directly from your computer (or iPhone), with automatically applied coupons and FREE shipping! Well, I am pleased to announce that my Alice shipment arrived today!

Alice was waiting for me when I got home!


Alice has a minimum order of 6 items, but that’s not hard to meet since they have a huge selection and great prices. While not every item is marked down drastically, they are all either cheaper or the same price you’ll find at your local store, without the hassle of actually having to squeeze a trip into your busy day.

Here are my girls, having fun with the box since everything in it was “mom stuff.”

Woohoo! Thanks for the box, Alice!


Important things to note:

1) The shipping is FREE but not necessarily fast. Especially due to the recent freak storms in the south, my package was a bit delayed (not complaining – just glad people down there are okay!) So make sure you’re not ordering things you need tomorrow.

2) The packaging IS a bit excessive, but its all meant to keep your items safe. I most certainly did not want my shower spray or dish soap leaking out everywhere, so I was thankful for the bit of extra wrapping (which was eco-friendly actually).

3) This service is AWESOME! It will even email me to remind me when I need to reorder!

Thanks, Alice! We’ll be seeing you again soon!




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