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You can’t walk through my house without stepping on some sort of baby toy these days. We have blocks, stuffed animals, books, teething toys, rattles… the full arsenal of toys that are supposed to keep my 6 month old son entertained. I say “supposed to” because we all know the truth. He is no more interested in these baby toys than I am interested in heading out the door for a morning run.

What he is interested in is anything and everything that I have in my hands. You know the drill; mommy tries to read the mail and baby swipes, crinkles and stuffs your latest bill into his mouth. While a little bit on the frustrating side I’m usually not too worried about what he’s getting his hands onto until it comes to my car keys.

Not only do I drag my keys everywhere (they’re attached to my diaper bag so think countertops, bathroom stalls, trunk of the car to name a few of the icky places they’ve been) but they are full of sharp eye piercing edges. Even more concerning is that I recently learned keys often contain dangerous amounts of lead, definitely not something I want my son playing with or putting anywhere near his mouth.

In a desperate google search to find something, anything that met my safety standards and would also truly entertain my son I stumbled upon Kleynimals.

What’s that you say? Kleynimals (Clean-Ih-Mals)…they are what they sound like — Clean Key Animals!

Mompreneur Kristen is the genius behind these great play keys and this is what she has to say:

“I was inspired by my kids, as many parents are, and motivated by my own enlightenment about toxins. When my youngest son became interested in playing with my keys, I searched for non-toxic keys, but I never found anything that satisfied him (or me). In my own “green evolution,” I found that I felt most comfortable with stainless steel for water bottles, sippy cups, food storage containers, etc. It made sense to me that metal play keys that my son was likely going to put into his mouth should be non-toxic stainless steel. And thus, the concept for Kleynimals was born.”

Kleynimals are made out of Food Grade Stainless Steel and are BPA and phthalates free. Not only does manufacturing Kleynimals out of Stainless Steel make cleaning easy (simply toss in your dishwasher, these won’t rust or corrode) but they are also heat/fire resistant and are composed of over 50% recycled material! Kleynimals are also made in the U.S and their production is kept within small family owned businesses insuring their safety and quality.

And let’s talk quality for a second here, these Kleys are substantial! I love the fact that these toys aren’t going to break or wear down from all my sons gnawing, tossing and playing. Kleynimals will last as long as your child is interested in them and longer. Engraving is even available for an extra fee turning your child’s favorite toy into a lifelong keepsake.

Each key is a different animal which adds to their character and fun factor. There is Eli the Elephant, Gus the Giraffe and Leo the Lion rounding out a perfect Kley family for your little one to enjoy. My son Harper literally squealed with glee when I pulled these guys out of their cute and reusable muslin bag. He immediately stuffed Eli the Elephant into his mouth and clamped down, shaking the rest of the gang and laughing. Harper loves these toys so much that we bring them everywhere! And let me fill you in on a little secret…I’ve even tossed our Kleys into the refrigerator to chill them and offer to my son as a teething toy. He loved it :)

Check out the Kleynimals website for ordering information and stop by the Kleynimals facebook page and toss a “like” their way.

* I was provided a set of Kleynimals for review but all opinions are my own *

Aloha! Heather is a wife, mama to one and a chick who loves to surf. She has a background in Early Childhood Education and everything she has learned about being a great mama, she has learned from those around her.



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  • Stepanie E.

    Just added these to my Amazon Wishlist for Lorelai’s birthday! What a fantastic idea!

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