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Summer Infant: Baby Gate

We look forward to the day where our little ones learn to crawl, and quickly that crawling leads to walking and walking somehow turns into running. For me it has always been something that I swear happens overnight which leaves me little time to prepare and get the house “baby proofed.”

My top 4 items I think that is a must have when baby proofing are:

Outlet Covers

Cabinet Locks

Corner Guards for tables

Baby/Safety Gate


The first three are easy to buy and you can pretty much buy any brand and it’ll do the trick but when purchasing a baby gate it is important to purchase a good one. It can be a little overwhelming with all the different brands and styles out there but trust me… you do not want to buy a cheap gate. It’ll save you loads of frustrations by purchasing a well made baby gate the first time around.


We are big fans of Summer Infant in our house. We used their products with both of our kids and highly recommend their baby gate!

Summer Infant has a wide variety of baby gates to match any home’s structure and decor. Our favorite is the Stylish&Secure Extra Tall Decorative Walk-Thru Gate. Not only is this an absolutely beautiful and modern baby gate, but it is completely easy to assemble and put up. Another HUGE bonus is that depending on where you are putting the gate up at, you may not need to use any screws! Our last baby gate ruined the hallway wall (and yes we even used drywall anchors). I also like the freedom you get without having your gate mounted to the wall. I like being able to move the gate around or bring it to my parents when they are watching the children. Another great feature is that the gate can be used at the top or bottom of the stairs and comes with hardware to secure it in place.

This specific Summer Infant gate is pressure-mounted. So no holes in our walls anymore! I was surprised at how secure and stable the gate is with this method but take a look for yourself:


There is no way that gate is coming down. We even had our 5 year old test it and it wouldn’t budge!

Summer Infant has really put a lot of time and thought into their baby gates. Not only is the door on the gate completely easy for adults to open, but the hinged door swings easily in either direction with one hand. It also swings closed automatically.

The gate comes with extra rod panels so you can adjust your gate to fit openings from 28″ to 48″ wide.



To check out the variety of baby gates Summer Infant carries, please visit their website at:

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***I was provided a gate to review, but the opinions written above are strictly my own***


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  • Jessica

    Wow! Looks super sturdy and you mean, there’s no more climbing OVER the baby gate now? Man, I need one of these.

  • Ro

    Thank you for the recommendation! The one we have, DD just tramples right over and the kitchen is such a hazard! This is on our list to buy!

    • Jasmine

      You will not be disappointed! Best baby gate I have ever owned!

  • Veronica via Facebook

    We have that gate! LOVE it!!!

  • Jess T.

    What a great baby gate! Looks so much safer than the accordion style ones we had. Not only did those fall right over, but they pinched little fingers! :(

  • Stephanie E.

    I bought two from Munchkin that was supposedly for “wide entry ways at the top and bottom of stairs.”
    $80 and 2 hours later, I discovered that my entry way is about 5 inches too wide. Awesome!
    Going to check these out, because my makeshift “baby gate” (essentially the play pen in front of the stairs) is irritating and an eyesore.

  • Sara

    Hi. I have a question about your gate… this is the one I’ve been wanting to get for our deck, but I’m unclear on the height. It says 36″, but I don’t know if that means on the ends (where it meets the wall) or in the middle where the gate is. We can only go up to 35″ on the ends because of a banister-thing, so it won’t work if it’s 36″ there. If you could measure yours and tell me, I’d be SOOOO grateful. Thanks!

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