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Patty Cake Dustless Baby Powder: Yay or Nay?

There’s a new product out there on the market, Patty Cake Dustless Baby Powder from Baby Magic. It is the first ever patented Baby Magic Patty Cake Dustless Baby Powder. Waste free and safe for your baby’s delicate lungs this pressed powder is absorbent, moisturizing, easy to use, and portable.


First-ever patented pressed baby powder
A talc-free powder
Moisturizer, lubricant, and water repellent
Prevents irritating friction on skin
Dermatologist tested
Precise application means less mess and more convenient
Doctor recommended

Available in .28oz. compact and carton with 10 disposable round cotton applicators.

My thoughts on the product:

It’s a great idea but personally, there are a few things that didnt work out for us. I had an issue with the actual powder itself. It is so firmly pressed down that it makes it nearly impossible to get the right amount on the applicator. If you try too hard though, the applicator will ball up or even worse, tear. Not good if you are right in mid wipe of your baby’s bottom. Hey, just sayin’.

I would also make the place that holds the applicators a little larger. As I was unable to fit all the applicators underneath it. At most, I was able to fit 2 and it wouldn’t close all the way with them in. I know for us moms, the less things we have to carry around the better, so I think that by making the compact a little bit thicker, the applicators will fit better and you won’t have to carry them separately.

You can find out more information here.

** baby magic sent me a patty cake to review, but the words written above are strictly my own **

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  • Kaydee

    I was having the same concerns, maybe it’s an ‘at home’ kind of product.

    • Jessica

      Could be but even at home, I couldn’t figure it out as much as I would have liked to. My little one is used to the loose powder and not sure the compact pressed powder will really do the trick.

      • Kaydee

        I know some people are uncomfortable touching their child down there with bare hands, maybe this is their solution to the issue? My brother squeezes butt lotion onto his son and spreads it with the diaper. I like a thin layer of powder so I put it on my fingers and dab it on that way, he wouldn’t do that, so maybe this is for parents like him?

  • Bridgette

    This product is excellent for asthmatic mommies where the dust can cause respiratory problems..

    • Jessica

      Very true!

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