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Yo Gabba Gabba: Music Makes Me Move!

With this year’s Yo Gabba Gabba Live show kicking off next month, we are dusting off our Dancey Dance shoes and getting in the in the mood to groove with a brand spankin’ new DVD featuring our Gabbaland friends rockin’ out!

This new DVD with 4 episodes (Band, Move, Differences and Train) is packed with musical fun that will get your kids up and moving!

Featuring the SUPER AMAZING “Freeze Game,” your kids can “wiggle wiggle wiggle GO” as many times as they want! I know at our place, we’ve tried to find a YouTube video for that song, but no dice – now the day is saved!

Does your kid need to clean up their toys? Turn to the amazing ska-themed room cleaning anthem “Pick It Up” on the Move episode. You can’t help but sing it every clean up time!

Does someone in your family have two left feet and can’t get into the dancing mood? No worries! Tony Hawk can’t dance either, but he’d love to show you how to skateboard.

The Train episode is great too, especially for little Olivia who LOVES trains! The episode also features so super cool animation shorts like this one:

As usual, the Gabba Gang still ensures important messages get across. This is one of our all-time favorite songs, teaching that its always okay to be different.

With favorite recurring segments like Moochy and Pooty, Time To Learn With Plex, Biz’s Beat of The Day and Mark’s Magic Pictures, this DVD is sure to be a great addition to your family’s collection. Its available on DVD on August 9th, so make sure to preorder it on Amazon or pick it up at a store near you.



*My family was given a review copy of the above DVD, but all Yo Gabba Gabba love is our own!*

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  • I know this will be a sell out so I’m getting in line to get this on the 9th for Christmas for my son. The picture w/ Tony Hawk was awesome – I remember that one – one of my 5yr old’s favorites! :)

  • Jessica

    LOVE this! My daughter is a huge fan of YGG!

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