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Little Trendstar: Keepin it Fresh, Hip, Fun

Little Trendstar is a brand dedicated to creating modern, graphic, and unique tee shirts for kids. With designs inspired by iconic patterns, personas and art that surrounds us every day, the Little Trendstar brand is all about the young budding trendsetter and we want to make style stars out of all of them!

We were really excited when we found out about Little Trendstar! I went online and showed my five year old all their shirt designs and he told me he wanted every single one. Actually, his exact words were “Mom! Can we get ALL of them?” I wanted to say yes as the prices of their shirts are well priced, but of course getting ALL the shirts would add up in cost, which wouldn’t make my husband a happy camper. SO…. we will just slowly add a shirt to our collection until we have all of them. That way it won’t be AS noticeable to my husband.

Ethan, my five year old, knew exactly where he wanted to wear his “cool new rock star shirt.”

Miniature golfing of course! The shirt was absolutely adorable on and extremely comfortable!

Did you know that all their shirts are safe, non-toxic & eco-friendly?

Each t-shirt and onesie are printed with non-toxic and eco-friendly water-based inks that contain no phthalates or PVC! They are also 100% cotton, Made in the USA and sweatshop free. So not only are they safe for kids to wear, but they are also printed using eco-conscious practices!

I have my eyes set on this for my son’s next shirt:

Check out all their shirt designs at:

They are friendly!
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Disclaimer:I was provided a sample from Rachel Florio PR, but the opinions above are my own

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  • Jim Worth

    So awesome! I couldn’t argee more, nice review. I love these shirts, their like little designer kids t-shirts! My kid has the rockabilly and the Lil Bit! Thank you Little Trendstar!

  • Jess T.

    Oh so cool! I can’t wait to score some for my girls!

  • Rebekah

    Very cute stuff! Gonna add this to my NEED list!

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