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Just another reason to love Bitsy Bags.

We are big fans of Bitsy and their adorable products. How could you not love them? The bitsy bag is one of our favorites.

The Bitsy Bag is the original innovation of a mom wanting to create a cozy, secure blanket for her new baby; something that was convenient for diaper changing, cute and comfortable to wear, and secure enough to sleep in. A crossbreed between a traditional blanket and a wearable sleeper, the Bitsy Bag gently secures itself around the baby’s torso so they can kick, roll, or even sit up without the blanket coming off as they sleep.

Of course you remember Jasmine’s post on Bitsy previously, right? You can find it here:

We wanted to share with you some more amazing news! We just found out that Bitsy is coming out with two new fabrics in October and have since been nominated for Red Tricycle’s Totally Awesome award for their crib bedding category.. See here and vote:

Here is Jasmine’s adorable son in his owl print bitsy bag:

This is a must-have for any squirmy kiddo. This bag will keep them warm all night, without having to worry about them wiggling right out of their blankets. You can view bitsy on their website:

They are also on facebook and twitter! Stop by and say hello!

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  • Jessica

    Love these bags! He looks so cute in it. Aww <3

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