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Mixing Old with New: Turning an Old Barn into a Summer Home

Jennifer Agus shared with us some tips on creating a light, airy space back in May and now she’s back to give us some tips on how to mix old with the new.

Jennifer is the principal and creative energy behind Agus Interiors. The design firm handles mainly residential projects, overseeing the plans from start to finish. The inherent appreciation and understanding of design, style and space can be seen in all of her designs.

The Malcolm Court project below located in Tenafly, New Jersey, was an old barn that was recreated into a summer home. New York based interior designer Jennifer Agus’s tips below can help you recreate this look:

1) Use furnishings such as a long kitchen fabric to glamorize simple furniture such as the wooden chair below.

2) Take advantage of the open space that you have and strategically create a dining room in an area where there is plenty of natural light and you can step outside at your convenience.

3) Use two small tables instead of one long table to make the space more flexible for guests. Position art work to draw guests into the space like the piece below.

4) Create a vintage look by using a large scale mantel for the fireplace– but juxtapose it with modern furniture to create an interesting and eclectic space.

5) This palette in the room below was dictated by the kitchen island and the flooring which has camel and green hues– always center your color scheme around a few central pieces of furniture and build the rest of the room around the chosen theme.

6) Jennifer Agus recommends West Elm to buy fun, bold and colorful accessories such as those you see in in the kid’s room below.

7. Integrate wooden elements such as art work and lamps to give the space a vintage feel when you walk in the room.

8) Spice up any nook or corner with colorful ikat pillows and printed wallpaper.

9) Jennifer was going for a woodsy feel in the master bedroom to vibe with the setting of the barn. Don’t be afraid to use your favorite wallpaper on one wall.

Jennifer began her career with Ralph Lauren, where she spent six years on a wide-range of design projects, including the development of showrooms and store displays including department stores. She gained valuable experience developing budgets when she tracked American and European furniture shopping trips in the antiques division. Her exposure to the high-design concept stores, showrooms and offices honed her design skills and enticed her to get a Master’s degree in Interior Design from Pratt Institute in New York City. Jennifer also studied art history and architecture for several months in Paris and Copenhagen. As an undergraduate, Jennifer received her B.S. in Finance and International Business from New York University.

Today, Jennifer is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and currently resides on the Upper East Side of Manhattan with her husband Daniel and son Harrison

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