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My Baby Nest Carrier

If stranded on a deserted island and given the opportunity to bring three things for survival, I would hands down pack My Baby Nest infant carrier. I am so head over heels in love with this carrier it’s borderline scary. I use it multiple times a day and walk around promoting it to every single pregnant woman I see. Seriously, I am My Baby Nest’s unofficial mascot!

Oh, My Baby Nest carrier let me count the ways I love thee:

1) Easy to use- My baby Nest comes in two pieces, the main piece is two loops that you slip over your head, insert arms and place baby in. The second piece is a securing wrap that goes around you and baby as an added comfort and safety system. I can put this thing on in two seconds flat, one handed, all while trying to wrangle a wiggly baby.

2) Comfort– The materials used are soft, stretchy and light weight. It’s crazy hot and humid here in Hawaii and most carriers I found to be too stuffy for me and the little one. My Baby Nest provides some warmth during the breezier evenings but is light and airy during the warmer days.

3) Works as a sun shade– I love that My Baby Nest acts as a sun protector. While wearing My Baby Nest, my son is cocooned and shaded from the harmful rays.

4) A newborn fits– Most carriers I found swallowed my poor newborn up but not My Baby Nest. This was the only carrier I found to be comfortable for both of us during those first few weeks.

5) My son loves it– When all else fails to calm my baby down I plop him *lovingly* into My Baby Nest and he is instantly lulled. My Baby Nest offers a closeness that both of us enjoy and almost always puts my son in sleep mode.

6) Versatility– My Baby Nest has so many different positions. I started out using the front carry with baby facing in towards my chest and now we have evolved to the side carry. As my son gets older there are so many different options for carrying him around from forward facing, back carry, nursing position and more!

7) Nursing– My Baby Nest has a great position for allowing me to nurse on the go. Even better is that my son and I have really struggled with breastfeeding but he almost always latches on and stays latched on when in the nest.

8) Overall appearance- My Baby Nest isn’t one of those clunky and awkward looking carriers. I’ve had so many compliments on My Baby Nest all saying how stylish and comfortable it looks.

9) Easy on the back– Because the material is stretchy its distributes the weight all across your upper body rather than digging into your shoulders or straining your back.

10) Price- For how often I use this carrier the price is very reasonable and the quality of the product is outstanding.

Here are a few photos of My Baby Nest in action:

Yes, this is me kayaking with my son while sporting my nest!

Headed out for an afternoon walk

See what I mean about the sun protection? You can pull the fabric over your little one to keep them shaded!

We’ve even gone stand-up paddling together using My Baby Nest!

I could go on and on with pictures of me using My Baby Nest because I am literally ALWAYS wearing it. Check out My Baby Nest’s website to order yours!

*If you want to see more examples of My Baby Nest in action check out my personal blog

(Disclaimer: The words written above are strictly my own opinion and I was not compensated for any part of this post)


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  • Jessica T.

    You have to be the coolest mom ever. We should look into that. ;)

  • Jess

    Love this post heather and the photos! You look so comfortable and so does little man. Cute :)

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