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I can’t begin to tell you how super excited I am to introduce you to the Onya Baby Carrier! I was introduced to their ingenious carrier while attending the San Francisco Birth and Baby Fair earlier in the month. Before I begin talking about why the Onya Baby Carrier is hands down the coolest carrier I have ever seen, let me tell you about the company because I really think the people behind this are completely awesome.

“Onya Baby is a family-owned company made up of mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles; people who care. We believe that babies and children who are given lots of physical closeness, unconditional love and inclusion in all of life’s experiences when they are young grow up to become happy adults, a benefit to everyone around them. Loving parents, happy babies, and a better world for the future. That’s good stuff.”

Another cool fact I learned is they are out of Santa Cruz, CA where one of our Modern Day Moms Editors resides. Santa Cruz is a beautiful place with some rad beaches, so I was excited when I found out they were out of there!

Now on to this carrier because I know you are completely intrigued.

A stand-out by design, Onya Baby carriers are loaded with useful features, including two zippered pockets, a tuck-away sleep hood, toy loops, a d-ring for your key clip, and a high body for support and backwards/sideways lean-control for an older baby. The defining feature of Onya Baby carriers is the integrated chair harness that enables the parent to convert nearly any adult chair into a seat for their baby. Onya Baby carriers are designed for use with babies who are 15 pounds and 3 months or older, to a maximum weight of 45 pounds.

Before I talk about some of my favorite features I need to mention that the Onya Baby carrier is SO comfortable. We walked around San Francisco, CA during Fleet Week the first time I tried it out. We were there all day long and walked SO much and not once did the carrier get uncomfortable and my back start hurting. That is SO huge when buying a carrier. Some claim to be great carriers and charge a hefty amount, yet your back starts hurting less than an hour during use. If I’m spending the money, I want it to be a comfortable carrier that I will actually use.

And now some reasons why I love the Onya Baby Carrier:

  • The design and look of this carrier is beautiful. Every time I wear my son in this I am constantly over hearing people commenting on it. For example, we were in San Francisco and I overheard a lady telling her friend “Look at that carrier. I’ve never seen that one before. It looks so nice.” Seriously! It made me feel really great to be carrying my son in an Onya Baby.
  • The sleeping hood really covers him. So I am not sure if anyone else has this issue, but I am a little obsessed with baby carriers and own quite a few and every single sleeping hood I own doesn’t really cover my son up. which is okay, but when it comes to nursing in the carriers, I want something that I can really nurse discreetly in. I don’t want an accidental peek-a-boo. I nursed my son all day in the carrier when we were in San Francisco and no one noticed. I felt so confident in doing so as well. One of our friends even asked if he was sleeping and I told them, nope! He is wide awake nursing. haha.
  • POCKETS! Ahh. This is a big one for me. If I am out and about wearing my son, the last thing I want to do is carry a purse to hold my debit card, cell phone and car keys in. So I am really happy that the Onya Baby carriers has TWO storage pockets that are big enough to hold those belongings. Makes shopping and being on the go easy.
  • Two different styles to choose from. You can get The Cruiser style, which is what I have, or The Outback. The Outback is similar to The Cruiser except it offers a more performance-oriented approach to the soft-structured carrier and is made of a durable, water-resistant, rip-stop nylon exterior and air-mesh lining makes it perfect for hot weather or hiking the trails. Best part? They are both the same price!

So what makes this carrier different from all other carriers?

The baby carrier turns into a chair harness! OMG LOVE!!!! Isn’t this the coolest thing ever?!? When being out somewhere sometimes you head places that do not have highchair options, so this is amazing. Nothing more than realizing you have no where to sit your child. If you are like me, your carrier goes everywhere with you, so you will always have a seat that your child can sit in. Makes life with a baby/toddler a lot easier.

If I can recommend an awesome carrier, it would definitely be this one. It’s functional, comfortable and beautiful.

To learn more about Onya Baby, please visit their website. They are currently in the process of getting their shopping cart up and running on the site, so if you would like to order one, please email them. Their contact info is on their site.

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Disclaimer- I received a product to review, but the opinions above are strictly my own and my obsession for this carrier.

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  • Brittany B.

    that is so cool!

  • Jess T.

    Ooh! I like this one! Super cool design.

    • Jess T.

      Also, living in Santa Cruz is the best! I’ve gotta look these people up for a beach hangout! ;)

  • Linda

    Andrea: do the measurements in ihnecs help you? The best way to really know if a carrier will fit you and feel comfortable is to try it on in person. If you take a look at Babywearing International’s website, you’ll see a list of babywearing groups. They all have lending libraries where you can try out different carriers for yourself. There are also many other local babywearing groups that have lending libraries of differing degrees. Check the sidebar above and you’ll see a link for our huge list of babywearing groups. There’s most likely one near you. Lastly, most carrier companies (including us) offer risk-free purchasing. If it doesn’t work, return it (in new condition) to get your money back. Hope that helps!

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