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Pognae USA Baby Carrier

The hottest baby carrier in Asia and Europe is finally making its U.S. debut! Manufactured in South Korea, the Pognae Baby Carrier has become one of the most popular soft structured baby carriers outside of the U.S. Introduce yourself and see why so many have fallen in love with this baby carrier.

The Pognae Baby Carrier is comfortable, ergonomic and has more innovative features than any other baby carrier.

Wanna know more about the features?

Mesh Cooling Vent

Pognae’s patented mesh cooling vent helps you and your baby stay dry and comfortable on warm days. Unzipping the outerlayer lets fresh air flow in through the mesh lining. Conveniently stow the outer layer fabric underneath the vent with the velcro attachments. With a Pognae Baby Carrier, uncomfortable babies are a distant memory.



The attachable headrest with matching style comes standard with every Pognae Baby Carrier. Made with 100% pure cotton fabric, the headrest provides extra padding so that your baby can rest with ease.


Adjustable Chest Strap

Putting your baby in a wrap or carrier can be difficult to do by yourself. The Pognae Baby Carrier’s easily adjustable chest strap makes strapping your baby in a piece of cake. The chest strap can be shortened lengthwise and can be adjusted up or down to ensure you’re wearing your carrier in the most comfortable position. The ends of the straps are designed to be easily tucked in, so you’ll never have to worry about loose straps flapping around.


Attachable Pouch

Each Pognae Baby Carrier comes with an attachable pouch of matching style and is ideal for carrying your personal belongings. The pouch slides easily over the waist band and sits on your hip so you can have easy access to your essentials while carrying your baby.

As you can see, I wasn’t joking about all the awesome features! My absolute favorite feature of this carrier is the mesh cooling vent. I have never seen a carrier like this. Perfect for hot days or when you just need to let some fresh air inside the carrier.

Another great thing about this carrier is that it retails for less than other brands, so this makes for a great carrier for those on a budget. The Pognae baby carrier can be used from newborn (with the purchase of their infant insert) all the way to 45 pounds.

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Pognae USA supports the fight against Breast Cancer! During the month of October, use the coupon code PinkPognae and we will donate 5% of your purchase to Susan G. Komen for the Cure and reward you for your generosity with a 5% discount off your purchase!!


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Disclaimer:I was provided a sample from Rachel Florio PR, but the opinions above are my own




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