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Home Buying: When Is The Right Time?

If my husband and I would have waited for the right time to buy a house, we would have probably been waiting quite a while. To be honest, things weren’t as bad off as they are now, when we bought a house. The first time home buyer’s tax credit was available and it seems that the market wasn’t quite in the shape it is in now.. We didn’t know that at the time though. One of our editors is currently going through the home buying process and she will be sharing with you her experience.. which hasn’t been easy for her.

When it comes to buying a house, anyone will tell you that it is best to get your details in order before you buy. Know details… do some research. Find out facts about Mortgage Refinance Rates, and try to determine exactly which loan is best for you and your family.

Stay tuned for Emily’s post, where she will give you some good advice and tips on the home buying process.

When is the right time to buy a house?

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