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Ella’s Kitchen Baby and Toddler (and mom) Food

When Miles was a baby, I chose to make all of his baby food. It saved me money, and I was able to feel like I was cooking him a home cooked meal every night.

But when we would travel (often!) I would be stuck! Frozen food doesn’t last long if it’s not frozen. I completely trusted Ella’s Kitchen‘s food to be as true as mine was, rather than going with the other companies out there when we were away from home. Their baby food is not only completely organic and free of any of the questionable stuff, it tastes SO good! Peaches + Bananas actually taste like peaches and bananas, not some over sweet mush. their food is great for on the go, and it was a life saver as we traveled around. I love that their food comes in pouches, making it easy to squeeze into a bowl for meal time, squeeze right onto a spoon, or let your little suck the tasty meal right from the pouch. We love Ella’s here at our house, and love that they stand for making healthy food for babies and toddlers (and mommy too). The whole company started because Ella’s Dad (there’s a real Ella!) wanted to have the best food for his daughter. They hold that standard for all of our children, and I love that.



Now, Miles still enjoys their baby food as a snack! He may be two, but no one is too old for their tasty food mixes!

Ella’s has a whole bunch of new and awesome foods out there, and we love them all!

Their Baby Brekkie is a new line of Breakfast for babies, but Miles scarfed down the Banana Baby Brekkie! It’s a healthy mix of Bananas, Yogurt and Brown rice to make for a filling start for any baby’s day, and Miles loved it along with his morning snack. Brekkie is also available in Blueberry + Pear, Raisin + Prune, and Mango. Great for babies 6mo and up!

Their new Smootie Fruits are hands down not only Miles’s favorite treat, but mine as well. They are each a blend of colored fruits, a Red One, Yellow One, Purple One and Green One that taste like a smoothie from your favorite juice shop! My favorite is the Purple One. It has blackcurrants, blueberries, apples + bananas. Oh boy, is that a great way to get my sweets in the afternoon! Miles loves them all. He won’t turn a Smoothie Fruit away. Our favorite way to enjoy them (thanks to Amy at Ella’s Kitchen) is to freeze them and let them thaw slightly. You get a slushy smoothie with no blender OR ice!

Ella’s Kitchen’s website has tons of great info about their food, but it also has RECIPES! Using their baby food! Yeah! I always love sneaking pureed veggies into dinner, but adding some tasty fruit blends into treats is a great idea too!

Check out ther recipe for Fruit and Crumble bars, using the Apples + Bananas pouch! mmmm


Find Ella’s Kitchen Baby and Toddler foods at your local Target or Babies R Us.

Thanks to Ella’s Kitchen for providing samples. All opinions are my own.


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  • Terra Lynn Henry

    I would love to make Brodys baby food at home!! Emily if you can give me some tips that would be so helpful!!!

    • Emily

      Absolutley! Let me write a post about it. Give me a few days… :)

  • Bex

    We love Ella’s Kitchen products! I used them to supplement our homemade baby food too! So easy for longer trips away from home. And we still love “the red one”!

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