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Natural Baby Solution & Hand Sanitizer

One of our readers, Holly, shared this with us on Facebook! Thought we would pass it along.

I thought I’d share… I was at my birthing center and they gave us a natural baby wipe solution/hand sanitizer today because they rock but I wanted to share the recipe. It smells amazing and is safe to use directly on babies bum

2 tsp Olive Oil
10 drops Lavender Oil
1 cap full Tea Tree Oil
5 drops Eucalyptus Oil
5 drops Jasmine Oil

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  • Bex

    What a great idea! I never thought about making my own hand sanitizer :)

  • via Facebook

    Thank you so much for this Holly! I’m going to try it this weekend!! – Jasmine

  • via Facebook

    Want to make this! – Jess

  • Heather

    Umm Lavender!! I’m going to give this a try–thanks for sharing!

  • Tamera

    This sounds like it smells wonderful, can’t wait to whip some up this weekend!

  • Kim D.

    This seems to smell good and easy to make.

  • Kate

    Thanks- this is a great recipe! I’m going to try adding Aloe Vera gel to the mix. Aloe has antibacterial properties and makes a great gentle sanitizer. It’s moisturizing too.

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