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Are you familiar with phil&teds amazing products? If you are not, let me introduce you to the most AMAZING stroller I have ever had the pleasure of using. Seriously, the phil&teds Explorer puts every single stroller I have used to shame.

Before I go into details about how amazing this stroller is and why I think everyone should go out and buy one, I need to confess something. I actually wasn’t too familiar with phil&teds up until a month ago. Emily and I were attending the San Francisco Birth and Baby Fair and she pointed out to me that Phil & Ted’s had a booth there. When I explained to her that I wasn’t really familiar with their strollers, she quickly grabbed me and said we just HAD to go look. Let me tell you, if I could describe love at first sight, it would be exactly what happened when I saw their strollers. There is just something about them that makes you instantly fall in love.

Okay, now onto WHAT makes the Explorer an incredible stroller.

The all new explorer delivers parent & child a proven inline formula plus terrific NEW features like: one hand fast fold, new car seat + second seat mode, a large follow-the sun sunhood, a double kit (2nd seat) sun hood, new Seat Performance System , interchangeable colors, and an easy-to-use pedal brake. Wow!


  • Proven off-road dependability in an all new package

  • One hand fast fold

  • Globally safety certified

  • Seat Performance System

  • Takes a double kit (2nd seat) and a car seat all at once!

  • Removable seat liner: easy to wash & supreme comfort!


I could list all the awesome features, but instead, I made a video so I can actually show you.

One thing I didn’t mention in the video is that the Explorer can now take their double kit AND a car seat all at once!

New! Phil&teds unique inline adaptability now goes further – you can configure the buggy/stroller to have the second seat and your car seat, all at once! Carefully designed in accordance with market safety standards, for maximum stability, and supporting a wide range of popular car seats.

So what is this Double Kit I keep talking about?

The phil&teds double kit is a second seat attachment designed to adapt your stroller to meet the needs of your growing family.

Here, let me show you!

I am absolutely in love with the double kit, I think it is something that is genius because, let’s face it, strollers are pricey and sometimes pregnancies are unexpected. So this really allows you to turn your single stroller into a double without having to purchase a brand new stroller. The double kit features a 5-point safety harness, a sun canopy and is meant for use from 6 months up to 4 years or the maximum load. The doubles kit weighs about 4 pounds but can accommodate up to 44 pounds when attached to the front of the stroller, and 33 pounds when attached to the back.

But wait… there’s MORE! See, I told you, so many reasons to fall in love with the Explorer.

I want to talk about the coolest accessory to a stroller that I have ever seen and Mountain Buggy calls it a freerider.

The freerider is an ingenious design – a simple concept, offering dual functionality that transforms a buggy board into a kids scooter in seconds. Best Part? No tools are required!

Yes! That’s right! Not only is this an awesome attached board that your child can ride on for stroller walks, but you can also detach it for them to use as a scooter and play on.

Two unique features that make this possible:


An attachment system that fastens to the rear tube of the buggy.

2-mode rear wheel system

Switches full swivel cator position used in buggy board mode to the fixed position used while scooting.

Buggy board

  • Buggy board attaches via a connector that fastens to the rear of the buggy;
  • The connector can be positioned anywhere on the rear tube dependent on the users preference;
  • 2-mode rear wheel castor – swivel for using as a board to follow the buggy in any direction;
  • Clip-in handle bar can be taken off for folding up the back of the buggy;
  • Toggle that fastens board up the back of the buggy;
  • Grip pad – anti-slip surface on the deck.


Kids scooter

  • Quick release button attaches or detaches buggy board from connector;
  • Rear wheel brake for use in scooter mode;
  • Skate board truck steering;
  • 2-mode rear wheel – fixed wheel castor for scooting.


Want to see it in Action?

The freerider is seriously AWESOME and as you can see my son really enjoys it! I love that we can go for a walk and when we get to the park, we can detach the scooter and he can go and have fun.

Another great thing about the freerider is it isn’t just for Mountain Buggy and phil&ted strollers. With the connector options, you now have the ability to connect the freerider to a few different strollers including the City Mini. Making this an excellent gift!

So now you can see why I have a love/obsession with phil&teds. If you have been debating which stroller you should get, I would highly recommend this stroller to anyone. It’s not bulky, it’s functional, and it is simply amazing. Say hello to the last stroller you will ever own.


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*Disclaimer, I received these products to review but my love for these products and the opinions written above are strictly my own

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    Wow! This is super amazing!!! – Jessica

  • Emily

    Oh man, I love how simply it opens/closes! My stroller is a hassle to get in and out of the car…
    And what a cool scooter!!

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