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Wine Review: Herding Cats – Merlot/Pinotage

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Herding Cats wines are expressive in the art of blending unique blends from authentic South African varietals with varietals known globally. These wines are crafted in a fresh new world style–medium-bodied with bright fruit flavors. South African wines deliver outstanding value for the global wine dollar and these “spot-on” wines are no exception. Winemakers Pieter Carstens and Adam Richardson “herd together” signature South African grapes with popular varietals to create a blend for today’s discriminating consumer.

I have really been enjoying Herding Cats wine for a few weeks now. If you haven’t read my review on their Chenin Blanc/Chardonnay, please do so HERE. I really can’t get enough of their adorable design on their bottles and 3 liter wine casks. I really enjoyed the Chenin Blanc/Chardonnay mix and was so curious as to what the Merlot/Pinotage mix would be like. I know what a Merlot tasted like, but I had never heard of Pinotage, so I was really excited.

The Merlot/Pinotage mix was amazing! I really enjoyed it and found it to be a very light and drinkable wine. The wine is packed with aromas of cherry, plum and a hint of toasty oak. It is a wine I would love to have at any lunch or dinner party, as it is a wine I find that most people would enjoy.

Enjoy the Merlot/Pinotage with baked Brie as an appetizer, grilled chicken on top of a spinach salad with toasted almonds and dried cranberries, or a wood-fired pizza with sun-dried tomatoes.

So what sets Herding Cats apart from most wines? Not only are their South African wine mixes incredible, but you have the option of purchasing a standard 750 ml bottle or a 3 Liter premium wine cask. You see, Herding Cats Wine has teamed up with Octavin Home Wine Bar to give a fresh approach to Artisan Wine. The wine comes in a super cute Octagon shaped boxed. By boxing the wine you are eliminating heavy glass and expensive cork and closures, which then reduces the cost of packaging and shipping, and pass on those savings to us!

Why should you consider the 3 Liter wine cask? First of all it is AWESOME! I am seriously loving this whole experience of a “boxed” wine. I told my husband I wanted to only drink wine like this from now on as it is so much fun. Yeah, I know… Not something I would have ever thought I would ever say, but hey! When you are getting this great quality of a wine, why not opt for the more fun way, and not to mention a way that allows me to have more wine?

By purchasing a 3 Liter cask, not only does the wine comes in a super cute Octagon shaped boxed, but by boxing the wine you are eliminating heavy glass and expensive cork and closures, which then reduces the cost of packaging and shipping, and pass on those savings to us!

Plus, there are a few more benefits to choosing Octavin Home Wine Bar’s PWC over four carbon-inefficient heavy glass bottle.

  • Reduces packaging waste by at least 85% and carbon emissions by 55%

  • More wine! It comes in 3 Liters!!!

  • Unique package design ensures that every glass tastes as fresh and flavorful as the first for up to six weeks

  • Saves you money

Lord knows I am all about saving money!

Herding Cats Merlot/Pinotage will run for about $24 for a 3L Premium Wine Cask or $8 for a 750mL bottle. Excellent prices if you ask me.


To order a Premium Wine Cask or bottle, please visit Underdog Wine & Spirits at:

To learn more about Octavin Home Wine Bar, please visit their website at:



**(Disclaimer: We received some wine casks to taste but the words written above are strictly my own opinion and my love for a great tasting wine for it’s value. See other Whine-O Wednesday Posts!)

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