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Places To Visit: Crumbs Bakeshop Times Square

Oh, Crumbs Bakeshop… how you complete me. When 2 of the other Mom Editors and I headed off to NYC for a Baby Expo in October… we knew we wanted to hit up a few places along the way. Crumbs Bakeshop in Times Square was one of them. So glad we went.

We had the most amazing cupcakes. We shared them ALL. My favorite was the Grasshopper, which is rich chocolate cake filled with chocolate fudge and topped with mint flavored cream cheese frosting with chocolate cake crumbs, edged in mini chocolate chips with a vanilla buttercream rosette.

Oh my gosh. So good.

Jasmine had a Raspberry Chocolate Cupcake which I don’t currently see on their website… and Emily had the most delicious Blondie Cupcake & Pumpkin… it was heaven. These must be cupcakes that are signature for specific location as you are unable to order those flavors online.. but the Grasshopper & Pumpkin cupcakes are for sure there! Take a look.

This little shop on West 42nd Street is the perfect place to pop in and have a cupcake. They are open to Midnight everynight and even 1am on the weekends. Definitely great for a midnight snack run, right?

Very convenient too. Check out the other locations and see if there is one by you.

We received cupcakes from Crumbs Bakeshop. We had a wonderful time visiting with them!

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