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Retrospec Bicycles – The Modern Way To Get Around Town

As a Modern Day Dad, I find less and less time to do things that I used to do. Don’t get me wrong, the rewards of fatherhood far exceed the little things, but slowly, I have had to learn how to integrate some of my fondest activities back into my daily routine.

Anymore, it seems like going to the gym gets replaced by longer hours at work, a walk out in the fresh air gets replaced with marathon grocery trips and my idea of decompression after a tough day is trying not to fall asleep before my head hits the pillow.

One of the ways that I have found to cover all these bases is the freedom and delight of riding my Retrospec Saint Urban Bicycle in Silver. Seen here.

This bike is perfect for the uber hip and modern dad needing a way to spice up the commute to work, and what better than on something a lot more flattering than a bicycle that looks cheap, clunky and…well, definitely not modern. The bike is a solid single gear/fixie bicycle with a flipflop hub that allows both fixed gear or ability to coast, which is nice for people that want to ease into riding this style of bike.

Fixies, as they are called, although becoming quite the subculture, are also great for a bicycle novice that just wants to hop on and ride with little maintenance, or anyone that really wants to ride a good solid bicycle for any duration. I prefer the single gears just because there are fewer parts to go wrong, and less time looking like a doofus standing in line at the bike shop. What is a “derailleur” anyway?

Earlier this year I started riding my bicycle a few days a week to work, and shortly found how easy it was. I was able to leave only 20 minutes earlier than I normally would, and enjoy the outdoors, get some exercise and really relax my body during the 11 mile round trip journey. Riding a single gear bike gives me exactly what I want from a work out, but still doesn’t make you a sweaty mess once you arrive. It has been a great way for me to reconnect with myself and really be able to stop and smell the roses. This bike specifically cut down my bike time significantly from my old driver and has given me the ability to park my car almost permanently, minus rain days.

Retrospec Bicycles are a company that I can surely stand behind. Ely, the owner, is a definite gem when it comes to passion for his product. With retrospec you can expect excellent customer care and a knowledgeable and passionate person behind the product. With many options, even for smaller riders, hip colorways, and quality components, this is truly a bicycle, fit for anyone who also is passionate about who they are and enjoys a nice ride, to work, for play or for a combination of the two.

While Retrospec themselves do not do any online sales, you can actually get the best deals online from JensonUSA which is their online distributor.

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