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Product Review and Back-to-School Giveaway! Goodbyn

logo2   Back-to-school is around the corner and everyone is starting to do their shopping for school supplies, backpacks, lunch boxes and clothes! Or at least you are starting to think about it after seeing the stores putting out all their back-to-school goods. We have partnered with Goodbyn and are doing a giveaway for some of their items that we personally love that will help you to acquire some of the things you will need. We all know how costly it can get this time of year, so what better than the chance to win something your child needs?! And if you don’t win, we also have a special promo code just for you Modern Day Moms – and dads – out there so that you can use to purchase the products for less. Every little bit helps! I pack my 7 year old son’s lunch for school because I like to know that he is offered something fresh and healthy every day. And I also like to see how much he is eating because then I will know if he has grown tired of something that he usually likes. Face it, we all get burnt out on certain foods after a while, right?  The Goodbyn Hero food bin and Dipper set are perfect for him as he loves a variety of foods for each meal. All dry food can stay in the Hero bin while anything wet (yogurt, etc) can go in the dipper to avoid any possibility of spillage because if any of his foods mix, my son refuses to eat them and I don’t want him starving throughout the day. An empty stomach deters focus and we don’t want to do that. The Goodbyn roll-down lunch bag is also perfect because the Hero bin can sit down in there flat and it stays that way as he carries his lunch box, once again, preventing his food from being tossed around. I can’t rave enough about these products and how well they are made. I have no doubt that we will make good use of them for years to come! They have quite a few other items that you should check out on their online catalog.

Our giveaway includes:

1 Goodbyn Hero food bin

1 Goodbyn Reusable bottle

1 Goodbyn Dipper set

1 Goodbyn spork

1 Goodbyn insulated lunch bag

1 Goodbyn patch

as seen in the photo here:

Our only stipulation is that you head over to Goodbyn’s Facebook page and like them before entering and continue to do so throughout the contest. Please comment below an example of a packed lunch you prepare for your child to enter the giveaway. Maybe you might give another mom an idea for their child(ren)! The winner will be chosen by a random number generator on Friday, August 8th at 12pm.  You have one week! If you decide you don’t want to wait, then please use the promo code Goodbyn provided to receive 25% off everything in their store through September 15th. Use the code MODERNDAYMOMS at checkout. Good luck to all!

Don’t forget to visit their website for dietary guides, shopping lists and more! Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 11.30.46 PM   *One entry per person, please.  


Wendy is a facebook administrator and editor for Modern Day Moms. She is a multi-purpose mom (aren’t we all, really?) who loves home decor, couponing, sewing, photography, Pinterest, frugal living… ok, pretty much all the same things that most women love! She enjoys spending time with her family and friends while living on the gulf coast. Her two Boston Terriers - Oscar and Lily - occasionally make appearances on MDM.




  • Heather

    One of my sons favorites is bean and cheese spirals, with strawberries and trail mix.

  • Cindy Velasquez

    My daughter’sa favorite lunch is either pita pizza with fruit salad or tomato soup with homemade lunchable style sandwiches made with whole wheat crackers, Swiss cheese and ham.

  • Amanda Wingo

    My son loves to take little tubs with pb and j in them to make his sandwich with, that way it doesn’t get soggy :) we also like to freeze the gogurrts and stick them in his lunch pack :D

  • Heather Hayes Panjon

    A Favorite School Lunch Is Fruit And Cheese Pretzel Skewers, Hummus Pinwheels And A Cup Of Yogurt.

  • Krischa

    I love trying to pack them a well balanced lunch! My oldest favs are pb/banana/organic honey sandwiches, with some fruit, carrots and a dip like hummus or ranch dressing. His twin brother likes tomato soup(when it’s cold), loves a good salad and some fruit. My 3 year old daughter loves any type of finger foods but also loves leftover spaghetti with similar “sides” as her brothers! Also occasionally add in a sweet treat, usually something homemade so I know the ingredients are good! The littlest one of the 4 doesn’t eat big food yet but I hope our healthy habits wear off on her too! ;-)

  • Ashley

    My son loves taking pb and crackers, frozen go-gurt, and diced peaches. He’s picky, but luckily likes fairly healthy things. Lol

  • Tamara Ann

    My son loves to create his own pizza on pita with fresh tomato sauce, turkey pepperoni and mozz cheese. I also pack his rice cakes and mango slices with cocunut water and a juice box. And I cant forget a note that says how much I love him.

  • Rachel Fuller

    My sons favorite is a PB sandwich on my homemade bread, some cheese sticks and crackers with pears. To drink, a thermos of unsweetened iced tea.

  • Michelle J. H.

    We’re plain Jane’s over here. My son’s favorite lunch is a peanut butter sammich, cashews, chocolate zucchini muffin, and an apple.

  • April Schigner

    Veggies & hummus. Fruit skewered on lollipop sticks. :)

  • Kristin Goodson

    I chop up different fruits, raisins, salami or turkey, cheesestick, pita chips, sometimes a muffin!

  • rebecva wolf

    We have extremely picky children and do a lot of peanut butter and umbrella sandwiches. Leftover pasta in a thermos is usually a hit, too.

  • Blaire

    Ham or Turkey pita, crackers, and fruit and frozen yogurt tubes for dessert. :)

  • Jackie F

    My children eat Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, a fruit (whatever is in season – at the beginning and end of the school year our go to is watermelon!), crackers, yogurt, a bottle of water, and of course a sweet surprise from mom. (a cookie, a mini chocolate bar, or gummy fruit snacks)

  • lianne

    I like knowing what my daughter finished up for lunch daily with home packed lunch.

  • Maddie Davis

    My son has dietary restrictions, so to help him out, I’ve packed his favorites. PB &J using my homemade jelly, Soy pudding or yogurt, applesauce or pineapple caups, and a salty snack like chips, popcorn or pretzels. He gets a juice to drink.

  • Elizabeth

    Turkey or ham, popcorn and yogurt

  • Leigh A

    Avocado on bread, yogurt, watermelon and few pretzels.

  • Kristin

    Tortilla with turkey cheese and mustard cold peas (her choice) and fruit.

  • Anne stewart

    Cheese cubes, whole grain crackers, frozen raspberries, pumpkin/chocolate cookie, milk sippy cup :)

  • mary cole

    My son loves mini meatball sandwiches, yogurt w/ berries, water and a cookie!

  • Wendy

    All entries have been accounted for. We used to generate our winning entry and that was #3! Congratulations to Amanda Wingo! I will be in touch with you via email, soon.