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Tips: Saving For A Rainy Day

1. Cut Down Phone Extras

Get back to basics and cancel services such as call waiting and caller ID.

Drop your long distance services. Try Google voice or Skype with free domestic calls within the US and low rates for other countries.

Reevaluate your cellphone plan and make changes to suit your needs.

Check your bill monthly and make sure there are NO hidden fees.

2. Stretch your clothing budget

Make sure you buy clothes that are versatile and easy to mix and match.

Minimize dry cleaning by investing in machine wash materials and saving dry-cleaning for special occasions.

Sell your unworn clothes at consignment stores or buy back retailers.

3. Auto Savings

Strategically plan your errands so you don’t have to drive around wasting gas.

Accelerate and break gently and you’ll burn less gas.

Find a good bank that has minimal to NO fees. Look for a bank that is competitive. BM savings offer competitive rates.

Make sure to compare auto insurance prices to ensure you’re getting the best deal for your money’s worth. Also look for extra discounts such as good student or good driver discounts.

Invest in the best easy access savings accounts for your family

4. Eat well for less

Find special discounts through the newspaper or saving sites that typically can save you around 50%!

Don’t buy coffee from that expensive coffee shop every day. Instead make your coffee at home and bring it with you.

Instead of buying drinks or snacks from the vending machine, pack your lunch and be sure to include a few snacks for the mid-afternoon hunger.

5. Entertainment on a budget

Look over your cable plan and make sure you aren’t paying for channels you don’t watch.

Instead of buying movies when they are released, think about renting them or streaming them from online retailers. You could save around $15.00 per movie.

Plan activities that don’t involve going out to spend money. Make those types of trips occasional and they’ll be more memorable.


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