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Save Time, Save Money, Do Good with Build A Menu

A new site browses local sales at your favorite grocery stores and builds healthy and budget friendly shopping lists! I am happy to provide access so you can create your own lists and try this new service.

Build A Menu is an online menu planning service that prepares weekly meal plans based on your local grocery store sales. The site does the work for you! Choose from weekly recipes and put together weekly menus using the Build A Menu calculator which gives a running total of your expected grocery costs – making it easy to control how much the family will spend on food each week! Just pick the store you want to shop, choose your meals and print your well organized grocery shopping list and chosen recipes. Menu options include Family Friendly, Low Fat, Sensible Portions (Uses the latest Points System), Vegetarian, Low Carb and Gluten Free.

5 GREAT Reasons to Join Build A Menu

1. On a budget?

With Build A Menu, YOU choose the meals that fit your budget needs. Many of their recipes that serve 4-6 people are under $10. Mix and match from their different categories to build a menu your family will enjoy AND fits your budget. (They price ingredients every week at each store, so you’ll always know approximately how much each recipe costs.) Sticking to your budget has never been easier!

2. On a diet?

Don’t get stuck in a rut – keep it exciting by trying new recipes each week. They offer great family friendly recipes for Low Fat, Low Carb, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, and Sensible Portions (based on the leading Points based program). Whether you’re cooking for 1-2 people or 4-6, they offer terrific recipes to keep your diet fresh and exciting every week!

3. Busy Family Schedule?

They can help! Choose from their Slow Cooker category for days when there’s no time for cooking. Their Crowd Pleaser meals take the guess work out of what to serve when company is coming. They even serve up breakfast, lunch and snack recipes. It takes less than five minutes to build a menu. Just select the meals and print your shopping list – it really is that easy!

4. Picky eaters in your family?

No problem. They offer plenty of recipes for you to choose from. That’s the beauty of Build A Menu. Just mix and match recipes from the different categories until you’ve built a menu that works for even the pickiest eaters. You can also preview the ingredients in each recipe before choosing.

5. They donate a portion of all our proceeds to Orphan Care Charities.

Last but not least, while they are in business to provide a top-notch menu planning service for our members, they do that because the more people who join BAM, the more money they are able to give to these charities. Want to know more? Be sure to read about their Orphan Care Charity Program.

Save Time. Save Money. Do Good.

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