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Bringing baby home from the hospital is an exciting and partly nerve racking experience. The responsibility and gravity of making sure your baby is well taken care of can be a pretty terrifying experience and once you leave that amazing nursing staff you’re on your own.

When I first brought my son home I was so smitten that I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. He was just too darn precious and also so stinking frail that I was terrified if I even blinked my eyes something terrible would happen. We spent our first few days nestled close to one another and even though his crib is literally two feet from my bed I wasn’t comfortable having him so far away from me during the nights. I also wasn’t 100% comfortable having him in bed with me and my husband all night long either. Sure co-sleeping is practiced virtually everywhere outside the US, but I had read too many horror stories to trust myself or my exploding collection of pillows.

Rather than lose sleep worrying about my son all alone in his crib or terrified that I was going to roll over on him if he was in bed I bought this:

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The Snuggle Nest is a portable infant sleeper designed to offer baby more comfort and stability in the adult bed. Sturdy, vented, support walls enclose baby, providing closeness and a sense of security. Baby’s comfort is taken to the next level with two options for soothing sound: Brahm’s Lullaby and Womb Sound by . A soft LED nightlight enables easy checks throughout the night and a new Comfort Mesh Liner provides a more comfortable surface for baby. Great for co-sleeping, napping, travel, and also as a changing area and for moms with C-Sections and preemies. Lightweight and compact for travel.

For the first two months my son slept in the Snuggle Nest between my husband and I and all three of us loved this arrangement. My son was close to me but also safely protected by the three sturdy sides that the Snuggle Nest offered and was exactly what I needed to get a good nights rest (as good as two hour blocks of sleep can be!) The only downside that I found with the Snuggle Nest is that my son was born a giant and continued to grow in length very rapidly. By about 6 weeks or so he was bottoming out of the mattress, however, this is about the time that I was comfortable putting him in his own crib anyway so it worked out well for us.

Check out all these fancy features:

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The Snuggle Nest is available at Babies R Us, Amazon and Target or you can order online.

* I was not compensated in any way for this review. The opinions stated above are solely my own*


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  • Mary

    I am not against co-sleeping at all. In fact, I am a co-sleeper with both of my children. I think this product is great for the weary co-sleepers. It just concerns me a little that maybe a person knowing they are a heavy sleeper may purchase this thinking it could still protect the baby from their flaring arms, or from rolling onto them, giving such ones a false since of security. Maybe I’m a little dramatic…

    • Heather

      Hi Mary! Thanks for your comment. You are absolutely right, this product does not guarantee 100% safety while co-sleeping and those contemplating this type of sleep arrangement should only do so after evaluating their personal sleep situation. For me, this product offered the perfect balance between co-sleeping and keeping my little one separate enough. Even with the Snuggle Nest I had to cut back on my pillow mania and adjusted our sheets so that they wouldn’t reach any higher than the snuggle nest. Again these precautions didn’t guarantee 100% safe co-sleeping but made me feel more comfortable and worked for us :)

      Don’t you just love waking up to those little smiles right next to you? Happy co-sleeping to you and your little…zzzzzzzz

  • Kaydee

    I always considered getting this with each of my boys but never felt comfortable enough with their dad’s sleeping habits.

  • Brittany B.

    i registered for this item — but never got it. looks cool though.

  • Tamie

    I had one of these that I used for my 2nd and 3rd child and even though I didn’t use it much, it was helpful. I actually loaned it to a friend (in between my kids) who was in a situation where she didn’t have room for a crib and would be co-sleeping. It made me feel great to know that the baby would be safer (I know it is not 100%) than a fluffy bed with two parents and a fluffy mattress.

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