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The Art of (not) Mastering Bedtime

We’ve really been working with my 6 year old on staying in bed at night.

The excuses come and go but lately, as we try to prepare for back-to-school routines, the excuses seem to be never-ending bringing our bedtime well past midnight. A few days ago, I had a talk with my daughter and told her…. “Look, when you need to get a sip of water, you are welcome to do that. You don’t need our help, especially when your water cup is right next to your bed.”

She nodded in agreement and went on with her night. We were fine for a few nights but last night, about 2am, I hear a faint knock on my door followed by a whisper:

“Mom, I know you’re asleep and I’m not supposed to wake you up. I just wanted to tell you I did it! I had a drink of water by myself! Goodnight.”

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