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Spotlight: Chinchar/Maloney Fine Jewelry

Do you ever feel like sometimes things just happen and they are totally meant to be? I discovered Chinchar/Maloney on instagram (@chincharmaloney) and immediately fell in love with their birthstone rings. Those are really special and I couldn’t imagine having a ring close to my heart with my husband and daughter’s birthstones in it.
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Weeks passed since I had followed them on instagram and I started liking their photos and falling in love with their adorable pieces and then Lorien Chinchar e-mailed me! She wanted us to work together and I was so excited. I gave her the details for my husband and daughter’s birthstones and they got to work. A few weeks later I received it, and it just so happened to be the same day I found out I was expecting (yes, I’m pregnant! More on that soon!) The best part about all of this was…. my husband and our future little one will have the same birthstone. How perfect is that? It couldn’t have been more meant to be than that.

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The ring was everything I imagined and more. It’s comfortable, beautiful and holds a special place in my heart. Now that I’ve told my store, I want to tell you a little more about this fabulous company.

Chinchar/Maloney Fine Jewelry started in Brooklyn, NY in 2010 as a collaboration between Colin Chinchar and Marian Maloney (now a Chinchar too). They came to jewelry after both pursuing creative lives in different areas; Colin in carpentry and sound design and Marian in painting and in her professional work as an Art Therapist. Colin has also been a mineral and gemstone fanatic since childhood and Marian has loved jewelry since sorting through her Grandmother’s jewelry boxes full of antique items from the 19th century as well as mid-Century costume glam. And let’s not forget her mother’s charm bracelets from the 50’s and 60’s which led Marian to become a charm collector herself! Colin and Marian soon realized that their strengths combined in the areas of design, detailed craftsmanship and a passion for gemstones and and precious metals.

In 2014 they moved their base of operations to the beautiful Northwest in Portland, OR while keeping a strong presence in New York through frequent buying trips and meetings with clients for custom designs.

Further growth has come through the addition of Colin’s sister, Lorien Chinchar Petitt, who has joined the team as a third partner and who is in charge of all Marketing and Public Relations. Lorien shares the Chinchar/Maloney passion for quality, handmade jewelry pieces which are truly individual works of art.

Currently you’ll find Colin, Marian and Lorien in their Portland, OR studio (with their Supervisor, Roy the pug) brainstorming, creating and pursuing what they truly love. Their greatest joy is when they hear back from clients who are loving their one of a kind (as each piece is handmade and therefore unique) Chinchar/Maloney jewelry.

Marian working
Colin working

As for their jewelry, the photos speak for themselves. Check out a few pieces from their collection:

single bs ring

Run, don’t walk and check out Chinchar/Maloney on their website and social media channels.

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