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Easy Reindeer Cookies

We love baking cookies at my house and it is the perfect way to have a fun afternoon with my kid. I decided to try something a little different and add decorations to turn our cookies into little reindeer’s.


Peanut Butter or Gingerbread Cookie Mix (and anything the package requires)
Chocolate covered pretzels


photo (55)

To make it quick and easy, I used a cookie mix instead of making them from scratch and went with peanut butter. However, if you or anyone in your house has a peanut allergy, gingerbread cookies would work out great.

Make the cookies and Bake them. Once you take them out have your decorations ready as the cookies need to be warm for everything to stick and set. Then let cookies cool a few minutes before trying to move them off the tray. And little reindeer cookies to enjoy!


Tracie is a mom to a pre-schooler and a mini schnauzer. She loves themed parties, decorating, family outings, a foodie, crockpot master and obsessed with makeup and beauty projects. A girlie girl raising a boy in sunny south Florida.



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