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Sweater Season: The Latest Trends in Snug, Comfy Sweaters

Sure, summer’s a great time of year. You never have to lug a jacket around, and you can wear tiny T-shirts and light linen clothing. 

Yeah, life is good in the summer. But, actually, fall is better. 

Hold on, don’t switch off just yet. We have a great reason why we love it when the nights draw in and the temperature drops: 

it’s sweater season.

There’s nothing more hygge than a fluffy sweater – something to wrap up and escape into when the chill bites outside. The fall is full of great colors as the leaves adopt a vibrant shade of fiery red and earthy brown. Hallowe’en is just around the corner, and the holidays aren’t that far off. 

So, if you’re mourning the loss of summertime, consider all the coziness of a comfy sweater. 

Grab yourself a cup of something warming and comforting, and check out the latest trends in snug, comfy sweaters. 

Sweater Vests

Sweater vests are perfect for the fall when the temperature takes a turn, but it’s not so cold that you need to wrap yourself in multiple layers. 

For the uninitiated, a sweater vest is basically a jumper without the sleeves. And the particular trend for 2021 is oversized, collared, crocheted, cropped sweater vests.

The cable is back

Stone cable knit

This gorgeous cable-knit incorporates a plunging ribbed v-neckline and a funky, retro pattern that takes you back to the 80s. 

Purposely oversized, this garment works perfectly for winter layering or can simply be worn on its own. 

The extra length makes this attractive stone-colored essential super-snug and homely – but stylish enough to wear on a night out. 

Image courtesy of SlaySociety

One for the gents (and the gals)

Sweater vests aren’t just for the ladies – they’re seeing a big comeback for the gents as well. This super-chunky knit has oversized ribbed collars, neckline, and waistband and looks great on its own without anything underneath. 

If you’re not a fan of wool touching your bare skin, layer this stylish sweater with a light T or even smart dress shirts. 

Let’s face it, this fabulous sweater vest would look great on men and women, with its funky geometric pattern. 

Image courtesy of NYTimes

Christmassy Green

This beautiful slinky vest has a stylish crossover V neckline and a mid-waist split for the ultimate in comfort this fall. 

The stunning olive green makes this a sweater you’re going to love all through the fall and into the winter – there’s nothing more Christmassy than green, is there.

The extra length offers bohemian lounge-iness while being smart enough to wear to the office or even a night out. Stunning. 

Image courtesy of AliExpress

Colorblocked Sweaters

A significant trend in fall sweaters this season is colorblocking – that’s having two or more solid colors in the same garment. Colorblocking generally invites a sense of stylish asymmetry and harks back to the Mary Quants of the swinging 60s.

Retro, funky, and ultimately stylish, add a colorblocked sweater to your fall wardrobe this year.

Back to the 60s

This glamorous oversized sweater dress projects more than a hint of the 1960s. The colorblock design adds funky asymmetry, while the dark neckline adds a little needed tonal balance.

In various shades of white, latte, and charcoal, this is a piece that’s likely to turn heads – for all the right reasons.


Image courtesy of Misguided

Mondrian blocking

We love this Mondrian-inspired contrasting colorblock sweater. Baggy for ultimate comfort, with side slits and a high/low hemline, this harks back to the 1980s in a big way.

The yarn is a spandex/acrylic mix that helps it maintain its shape while offering years of wear from this celebration of teal, navy, and burnt orange.

Super stylish.

Image courtesy of DaisyRoses

Worthy of Hepburn

This funky garment really does conjure the glamor of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffiny’s.

The diagonal stripes are more flattering than horizontal lines, making this beautiful camel turtleneck a versatile piece for anybody’s wardrobe.

Stylish enough to wear with jeans or a short skirt, this long-sleeved knitwear has to be one of the most Instagram-ready pieces we’ve seen so far.

Image courtesy of Corachic


Collared Sweaters

The collared sweater is one of the most significant trends in fall 2021 knitwear. And you’re just about to find out why!

They’re perfect for layering over long-sleeved T’s, bringing additional warmth and a stylish, cool vibe to your fall wardrobe.

Delicately stylish

This elegant navy sweater has a stunning crew neck with delicate scalloped edges. The embroidered floral detail elevates this plain sweater into a garment suitable for smart occasions or work.

Or just enjoy wearing this striking piece around the house.


Image courtesy of Boden

Versatile collar

This half-zip collared sweater offers super snug warmth and a classic chunky cable-knit for the ultimate in fall style.

Leave the zip undone for large lapel-style collars, or zip it all the way up for a turtleneck collar that keeps you super warm. This particular style is also available in teal (which has to be THE fall color of 2021).


Image courtesy of Onetify

All the Frills

This fabulous frill-collared sweater is super smart and stylish and surely a must-have for 2021.

The ribbed sweater has an oversized (there’s that word again!) ruffled collar and a button-front neckline. The blouson sleeves complement the relaxed-fit garment shape.

And with the addition of alpaca wool, this sweater is super soft. You’ll never want to take it off!

Image courtesy of Boden

Thin-ribbed Sweaters

Ending our exploration of 2021’s sweater trends is the enduring thin-ribbed sweater. Much lighter than a chunky knit, thin-ribbed sweaters are super trendy this year.

For sleek lines and figure-hugging style, go thin-ribbed this fall.

Long-sleeved perfection


This super-sexy figure hugger offers warmth, but – let’s face it – we love it because of the sleek styling. This fitted garment with a high collar comes in a range of autumnal tones, including this funky fluorescent lime.

What isn’t there to love?

Image courtesy of Zara

Slinky and stylish

This fantastic rib-knit v-neck has long sleeves for warmth.

Including side vents and dropped shoulders, this midweight fabric offers slinky style and relaxed comfort.

Gorgeous and quirky.

Image courtesy of Target

Slick and cool

Last but by no means least, we have this sumptuous cotton/linen/wool sweater outfit, designed for the ultimate in relaxed fit.

A subtle black trim frames the cozy ribbed pattern, and with matching shorts, this is perfect for warmer fall evenings.


Image courtesy of Net-A-Porter


So, there you have it

We hope you love this year’s sweater styles and get great comfort from wrapping up when the weather starts to bite.

We’ll be back with more style ideas soon!

Thanks for reading.




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