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Tech Talk: App Provides Pregnancy Tips On-the-Go

Pregnancy is a very exciting time, but can also be extremely stressful with all of the uncertainty and changes taking place.

OB-on-the-Go ( is a new app that offers pregnancy information women can TRUST directly on their mobile phone from two Silicon Valley-based OB-GYNs specializing in fertility and high-risk pregnancy. Women can search Q&A topics for timely, trusted information and ‘Ask the Docs’ to message directly with Board-certified OB-GYNs anytime, anywhere. OB-on-the-Go also provides daily pregnancy tips and tools to track baby’s growth, due date, check drug safety, hydration tracker, weight tracker, appointment keeper, contraction timer and much more.

Ask the OBs Q&A tool

Silicon Valley-based OB/GYNs Dr. Jan Rydfors and Dr. Aron Schuftan have teamed up with technology entrepreneur Denise Terry to announce the new Pregnancy Companion App, which provides expectant couples with trusted content from Board certified doctors. The App also provides expectant moms with pregnancy tips and tools – right on their mobile devices.


Specializing in high risk obstetrics and infertility treatment, Dr. Rydfors and Dr. Schuftan created Pregnancy Companion to address the questions OB-GYNs are commonly asked by pregnant women. The App features an ‘Ask the Docs’ feature so users can message directly with the doctors anytime, anywhere. Pregnancy Companion provides women with daily pregnancy tips and tools to track the baby’s growth, due date and check drug safety. Tools also include a hydration tracker, weight tracker, appointment keeper, contraction timer and much more.

“Pregnancy Companion is a mobile health tool that provides women and their partners with timely tools and expert information on the phases of pregnancy every day,” said Dr. Rydfors. “It’s a great resource for quickly getting trusted answers to the most common pregnancy questions in between doctors’ appointments.”

Already serving 50,000 active users, Pregnancy Companion is the most comprehensive pregnancy app on the market and the only one to provide trusted information directly from Board Certified OB/GYNs. The app is tailored with appropriate information and tips based on each user’s gestational period. Also included is a weekly email recap that includes important information, like which tests are due in the coming week.


Dr. Schuftan says, “We’ve helped thousands of pregnant moms through our OB practice, but wanted to provide expert tools and support to millions of moms everywhere, so we built our Pregnancy Companion app to allow women to access pregnancy information from anywhere via their mobile device.”

The app is available in English and Spanish in basic (free) or premium ($4.99) versions for both iOS and Android.

Daily tips and pregnancy health news is available on Twitter at @PregCompanion or on Facebook at Pregnancy Companion

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