“WebMD Baby – New iPhone App for Moms”

The new WebMD Baby app has quick access to trusted and physician-approved baby health and wellness information anytime, anywhere. Personalized for a baby’s specific age, the WebMD Baby app delivers timely physician-approved guidance, helping parents stay informed and one step ahead of their baby’s growth and development.

Featuring 400 articles, 598 tips, 70 videos, and 5 tools!

In baby’s first year, parents will receive:
– 52 weekly featured multimedia content packages programmed for the baby’s first year
– 365 physician approved daily tips programmed every day.

In baby’s second year, parents will receive:
– 12 monthly content packages programmed for the baby’s second year
– 84 tips programmed monthly during the baby’s second year.

WebMD Baby is also a personal baby book, allowing parents to organize and share baby’s memorable moments as they happen.

Key Features:
Growth Tracker, Diaper Tracker, Sleep Tracker, Feeding Tracker

Baby Book:
Capture and record a baby’s key memories and milestones. Fill in the Baby Book by associating memories with text, photos or videos. Add caption and assign each photo or video to a section of a Baby Book chapter. Share each memory via email and Facebook. View the Baby Book slideshow by swiping photos and videos in sequential order. Baby Book is comprised of 8 chapters with ability to add custom titles within each chapter:

My Arrival: The first journey from Mommy’s belly to the trip home.
My Firsts: From first toys to first crawl to the first word.
Watch Me Grow: A slideshow using one baby photo taken every week.
Favorites: From foods to books, keep track of new favorites as the baby grows.
Words: Keep track of new first words by date.
Unforgettable: Record moments like making a silly face and eating a birthday cake.
Family & Friends: Chronicle photos and videos of friends and family.
Holidays: Capture moments from every holiday.

Hundreds of searchable, medically approved articles and other content types:
– Baby & Toddler Care (16 categories)
– Illness & Emergencies (39 categories)
– Just for Moms
– Just for Dads
– Parenting Tips (367)
– Baby Week by Week (64 content packages)
– Ask the Pediatrician (8 video Q&A sessions with WedMD in-house pediatrician)
– Milestones (7 categories divided by age up to 24 months old)
– Vaccines (all baby vaccine info)
– Baby Doctor Visits (11 well visit guides)

You can download this app here: WebMD Baby – App Store

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