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The Smart-Trike Zoo, 3-in-1

Little Olivia wanted a big girl bike.

Her ride-on motorized vehicle was way too slow to keep up with her big sister and she had lost her patience! Unfortunately, after a trip to the toy store, we discovered that Olivia is really really really small – making even the teeniest of big girl bikes too big.

Luckily for Olivia’s developing sense of pride, we found Smart-Trike.

Olivia loves her Smart-TrikeSmart -Trike Zoo bikes are adjustable – and not just by way of scooting the seat back. These things are TOTALLY adjustable, fitting wee ones as young as 10 months to preschoolers, thanks to a system of transforming parts and accessories. (Other Smart-Trike models can accommodate babies as young as 6 months!) They are a cinch to assemble and come with everything you need, apart from a Phillips head screwdriver.

Multiple configurations for littles and not-so-littles.

Since Olivia’s riding skills aren’t the steadiest, we’ve kept the steering handle on the back, which is a great way to keep her from careening into pot holes, rocks and mailboxes until she gets the hang of it. She loves the electronic toy phone and cup holder that comes with it, but I have to keep reminding her that in California, its illegal to use your cell while driving! (That girl’s gonna give me grief someday!) The Smart-Trike Zoo also has a rear basket for storing snacks, toys or important letters that need delivering – but NOT a sister. Never put any other children in the rear basket! I only mention this because they totally tried to do it.

Since the Smart-Trike Zoo grows with your child, they are an excellent bargain. My oldest had about 3 vehicles to serve the purpose of Olivia’s Smart-Trike. I wish we knew then what we know now! We LOVE our Smart-Trike and we know you will too.

Go check out the Smart-Trikes yourself at their website and use their store finder to find an authorized dealer near you . You can also find them on Facebook!

*Smart-Trike provided us with a review trike, but all opinions are my own!*

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  • Jessica

    Love her little voice! This trike looks pretty awesome. What a great investment.

  • Kendra via Facebook

    We have this and LOVE it

  • Grammie

    Smart`Trike would have been a great trike for my Grand~Daughter to have started out on, she is also very small! Ollie is adorable, great job riding the trike Ollie!

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