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Honda Odyssey: Not Your Typical Mini Van

Have you ever driven a Honda Odyssey before? If not, you are missing out.

The 2011 Odyssey is the combination of modern design, cutting-edge technology and superior functionality. Plus, it is the Official Vehicle of Little League Baseball.

The all-new Odyssey features a powerful 248-hp V-6 with Variable Cylinder Management (VCM ) on all models, and an available 6-speed automatic transmission that delivers up to 28 mpg highway.

The Odyssey comes equipped with sophisticated technology that can help you avoid accidents and help protect occupants with an amazing array of safety features.

We decided to take the Honda Odyssey (Touring Elite) on a weekend adventure, since it was considered the “Touring Elite” after all. The Odyssey made our trip a painless one.

Yes, we were rocking out to Justin Bieber. No shame.

There were many times where I had to look in the backseat and see if my daughter was still there – the flatscreen tv was the most amazing edition and my daughter would not stop asking to use the cordless headphones. This allowed for my husband and I to listen to our music while she enjoyed the DVD.

Another awesome feature was the cooler!

Loved all the space, the ease of the trunk opening with the remote instead of having to drop what I’m doing or carrying (like the stroller) before opening the trunk. This was probably one of my favorite features. It made grocery shopping, playground hopping and just all around travelling a breeze.

Another fun favorite was the “blindspot sensor”. It would light up on the sideview mirrors when a car was in my blindspot.

Another favorite is the Multi-View Rear Camera. Back into parking spaces with extra precision using the multi-view rear camera (models with navigation). Guidelines help enhance camera view.

This mini-van is not so “mini” when it comes to the room.

I cannot say enough great things about the Honda Odyssey and feel that this is an amazing investment that every family should consider, especially if they are wanting to expand their family.

** Thanks to Honda for letting my family travel around in the 2011 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite during the month of July. All opinions expressed above are my own **


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  • Jasmine

    I’ll admit, I am not huge on vans BUT…. this van is AWESOME!!!! It would probably be the only van I would ever consider purchasing. Great post!

    • Jessica

      This van is great! Very modern that’s for sure :)

  • Amanda Klenner

    So what was the mileage on the freeway and in the city? I would love to know :)

    • Jessica

      It got about 20 mpg around town and 26-28 mpg on the freeway.

  • Kenneth

    I think my next new car will have to be a Honda!

    • Jessica

      Oh good! You won’t be disappointed!

  • Conan

    Awesome van. Looks like you can live in that thing! Can you? :)

    • Jessica

      You probably could. I was blown away by the room! Going back to my older car after driving around in this one was quite a change.

  • Mandie

    We just financed an 06 odyssey. It has everything but the nav and DVD. It has leather, heated seats, sunroof, 6 disc changer, power everything, a million cubbyhole holes and storage, and I am tickled to death to have this van! It’s my first van. I have 3 kids and have been cramming them into a small car. This van rides like a dream and I love that everything opens via remote. We just bought DVD Players for the kids with headsets and I’m having pink LEDs installed in the floorboards up front to customize it. I’m in love with this van and I probably won’t ever drive anything else :)

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