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The 2012 Honda CR-V: Don’t Leave Home Without It

The all-new CR-V is striking, stylish and just the right size.

I recently had the opportunity to take the CR-V on a mini-vacation. I knew that we were going to be traveling a few hours away so I wanted to take that opportunity to see what this baby had to offer. We packed our (many) bags and loaded up the car. See, if we were in my car, I can imagine that we would be a little cramped but with the CR-V that was an entirely different story. The space, OH my.

The rear seats can be easily configured to accommodate luggage, gear, furniture or whatever else you might need to transport.

I remember thinking about all the convenient features as I was preparing my child’s goody bags in the backseat. Any mom knows, you’ve GOT to think ahead! I had snacks, movies, books, art, paper, juice box, and the kitchen sink. almost.

I love the cargo cover in the back. It’s a simple, effective way to cover your valuables. When not needed, it retracts. Worried about all those shopping bags you have in the back? Well, pull the cargo cover up over them and no fear – they are not visible from the outside.

Love it.

The ample trunk cargo space is an efficient packer’s dream. If you need more space, easy-to-reach levers make configuring the cargo area a piece of cake.

Loaded with conveniences and high-tech touches, the CR-V is fun for everyone onboard. Not only that, the efficient and functional interior was designed to help drivers feel confident and comfortable behind the wheel.

The intelligent Multi-Information Display (i-MID) offers up all kinds of useful information, like track info on Pandora Internet Radio compatibility, SMS text message function, fuel information and more.

Push the green ECON button and voila! Your CR-V automatically configures its engine and other energy-consuming systems to operate more efficiently.

All in all, this vehicle was one of our favorites to drive. It made our road trip that much more exciting and ultimately, the drive was painless and comfortable.

Starting at $22,495 – the new Honda CR-V is a must-have for those parents who aren’t quite ready to take the leap into mini-van territory.

See more photos:

View The Official Website. You can also find the CR-V on facebook!

Thanks Honda for hooking me up with a CR-V for my trip. It definitely made the experience more enjoyable and the road trip…. less boring.

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  • Cheryl Campbell

    I saw one the other day and like the new look! I wanted a CR-V when I was car shopping a year ago, but couldn’t get the features on it that I needed :( But I love my Toyota Venza that we bought.

  • Modern Day Moms

    Cheryl Campbell – They definitely got quite the upgrade! When I thought of CR-V, I had the old model in mind.. was definitely a surprise seeing the newer versions. I’ve never heard of the Toyota Venza but I’m going to go look it up. Thanks for sharing.

  • Cheryl Campbell

    Features on my Venza that weren’t on other cars/small SUVs in the same price range were: dual heat/cooling & power passenger seat (front). It has fabulous leg room in the back seat and a 2nd sun roof (over the back seat, but not powered). The head room is wonderful too. I don’t know what features you’re looking for, but the Venza is worth a look :)

  • Pamela Schut Horton

    I drive a cr-v! I love it.

    • Modern Day Moms

      Thanks for sharing Pamela! I loved driving it – it was very comfortable!

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