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Tie Chair- The Portable and Convenient “High” Chair

I had been familiar with the Tie Chair company for quite some time but it had slipped my mind until we were visiting with some friends and had no where to sit our youngest for dinner. Visiting with friends and family for dinner can be quite challenging when you are in someone else’s house. Let’s face it… chances are they don’t have a high chair laying around for you to use. Usually my husband is the one in charge of holding our son on his lap when it is time to eat. That allows me time to eat my food as fast as I can and then take him so my husband can eat. It’s never an enjoyable experience because for one, I am rushed to eat and two, our son is normally trying to reach everything he can get his little hands on which is most likely my husbands plate of food. Dinner should be a time where we can all catch up, enjoy each others company and not have to feel rushed with a squirmy child on you lap who wants to devour all your food. Well thankfully there is a product like the Tie Chair to help solve this problem.

Convenient. Functional. Safe. Stylish. Simple.

The simplicity and timelessness of a tie. The Tie Chair is all fabric, with no hard plastic or metal buckles. Safely secure your child without them feeling detained.

The Tie Chair is a portable, washable highchair. I love that I can fold it easily and store it in my diaper bag for when we need to use it. Tie Chair isn’t just for dinner meals though, the options are endless. It has to be the easiest product I have every used. You simply slip the cover (think pillow case) over the back of the chair, then tie the first set of ties on the back to make sure the cover is nicely secured to the chair, and then wrap the second set of ties around the chair and back to the front to secure your child and create a little seat for them.

We have used our Tie Chair quite a few times. The first time we used it I wanted to make sure my son couldn’t get out of it and test the safety of the product. I let him get to the point where he was squirming to try and get out of it (I know… I’m such a bad mom) and see if his wiggling would loosen up the ties, but it didn’t! He was stuck in there until I untied it and took him out. I obviously don’t recommend you ever leaving your child alone in one of them as the chair could tip over, but that is just common sense. This is defintely a product I recommend to any parent. The Tie Chair will fit most dining chairs and can be used from the time your child can sit up all the way until 2 years old.

Head on over to their website to check out all the beautiful fabric options and where you can purchase a Tie Chair at:

*** Disclaimer- I received a product to review but the words written above are strictly my own***

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  • Kaydee

    That’s awesome!!! Especially going to friend’s houses without children, I know some worry about the mess or safety. Plus trying to hold your child, eat, and feed him at the same time means you’re not giving your friends the attention you should.

  • Natalie via Facebook

    I have this!!! I’ve had one for two years, ever since I gave birth to Roman (my 2 year old). I still use it know for my 6 month old baby! It comes in SO handy! I can give you some great examples of when it was a lifesaver. I really love it!

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