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Wine Review: Mommy Juice White Wine

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Being a Mom is a constant juggling act. Whether it’s playdates and homework, diapers and burp cloths, or finding that perfect balance between work and home, Moms everywhere deserve a break. So tuck your kids into bed, sit down and have a glass of MommyJuice because you deserve it!


With summer finally being here it’s great to have a good bottle of white wine in your house. There is nothing that reminds me more of summer than sunscreen, swimming pools and a bottle of a nicely chilled wine.

I was so excited when I found out about Mommy Juice. This bottle is not only absolutely adorable, but the quality of wine speaks for itself sip after sip.

To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. We were completely impressed by Mommy Juice’s Wine for Guys so I had high expectations for their White Wine. They did not disappoint. This was not like any table white that I have tried. You can tell the owner of Mommy Juice knows exactly what goes into making a superb wine. To quote Mommy Juice- “Aromas of tropical fruit salad pineapples, guava and bananas. Hints of lemon grass and citrus rind as well. Kiwi, lime and a hit of grassiness round out this very fruit forward Chardonnay. Drop the kids at a sitter and drink on a picnic with your significant other or at GNO (Girl’s Night Out).” This couldn’t be a more perfect definition. So many wonderful flavors hit your palate with their White Wine.

I wish I had known about Mommy Juice when I was pregnant. This would have been the perfect prize at my Baby Shower. What better prize than an amazing wine targeted towards moms? This will definitely be something that I will be telling all my friends about and suggest for their baby showers. That would be one prize I will be hoping to win!

It is also a great win to drink for a Girl’s Mom’s Night Out. It is a very easy wine to drink and a wine that everyone can find enjoyable. Check out this awesome video Mommy Juice made that will be sure to get you in the mood for a MNO! Don’t forget to bring some Mommy Juice!

I LOVE how a bottle will only run you $10. I can not believe you can get a wine of this quality for that price. What an amazing deal!



To learn more about the mom behind Mommy Juice and order some wine, please visit their website at:

To follow Mommy Juice on Twitter, click HERE
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**(Disclaimer: I received some bottles to taste but the words written above are strictly my own opinion and my love for a great tasting wine for it’s value. I was not compensated for any part of this post)**

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  • Jessica

    oh my gosh, LOVE that video. haha “hate folding”.. that’s so me.

  • Kaydee via Facebook

    Nice name :D

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