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ERGObaby Performance Carrier

Wow. Where do you start with such an amazing carrier? I didn’t think my love for ERGObaby could get bigger. Seriously. I am ALWAYS talking about the company and their AMAZING carriers. Check out my first post on ERGObaby.

The ERGObaby Performance carrier is a definite must have for active parents. As I have talked about before in previous posts, my family and I enjoy hiking. It’s a great way to stay active, spend time with one another and enjoy nature. Now keep in mind, I have used my ERGObaby Sport Carrier on numerous hiking trips and I have never had any complaints. I love it and never thought of ever purchasing a different carrier to replace it. I would still recommend it to parents who want a great carrier and who maybe hike a handful of times throughout the year. But if you enjoy hiking and being outdoors, then you really need to look into an ERGObaby Performance Carrier.

I couldn’t wait to try it out! Luckily we live about 5 minutes away from a great park with lots of hiking trails. The Performance Carrier exceeded my expectations. Throughout our hiking adventure, my back did not hurt once and we were out hiking for several hours. Not only did my back not hurt, but I never once felt like I was over heating from wearing Austin. And trust me… it was hot that day!

Lighter weight (1/3 lighter than our Standard Carrier) This lighter weight fabric, with mesh lining, is ideal for active parents who want to bring baby on the go.

Durable outer layer, ideal for outdoor sports and activities
The rugged exterior provides extra protection against the elements.

Comfort contouring on shoulder straps
Contoured shoulder straps keep your baby close to your body, eliminating extra strain on your shoulders or back. Thinner foam padding provides cushion without bulk.

Chest strap on slider for easy adjusting
Easily adjust the chest strap to accommodate your own comfort with the sleek and streamlined slider.

Waist belt extends 5″ longer than Standard ERGObaby Carrier
Extra length in waist belt provides a better fit for babywearers of all sizes

A few Extra’s that I love:

The Side ZipperThe Sport Carrier doesn’t have any place to put things like chapstick or hand sanitizer (which are two things that I have to have with me at all times). So I was excited when I noticed the Performance had it!

Built in Hood! I completely lost the sleeping hood to my Sport Carrier. I have NO idea where I put it which is a bummer because we do use it. I am so glad I do not have to worry about misplacing it and I can tuck it back in to the attached pocket and zip it up for storage.

Cargo Packattaches to the side buckles on the Performance Carriers, and features a generous main compartment with a side pocket, and a mesh outside pocket. With a Velcro flap, the Cargo Pack can attach to the carrier’s waist belt when worn in any position.

The Performance Carrier has now become my absolute FAVORITE carrier! It is the one thing that I always grab before I head out the door. I love the contoured shoulder straps, it allows for a better fit on the body. I don’t have broad shoulders, so I always have an issue with straps not sitting right on my body, so I was pleased with the contoured results!


Towards the last hour of our hiking adventure my husband wanted to try out the Performance Carrier. He is a huge supporter of baby wearing and loves wearing Austin when we are out and about. He was completely impressed with it. I am pretty sure I even heard him talking about how awesome the Performance Carrier is to his sister and her husband.

See.. Even my son is a huge fan of it.


I can assure you, you will not be disappointed with the Performance Carrier. The ERGObaby company is truly a fantastic company who is really has you and your child in mind. I can not wait to use it again on our next outing!


To read more about the ERGObaby company and check out all their awesome carriers, please visit their website at:


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**Disclaimer- I received a product to review but the words written above are strictly my own.**

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