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Let’s Go On A Free Vacation Together.

Do you have a favorite place that you always dream about? I do. I would love to go to Hawaii. Thankfully, one of our MDMs Editors lives in Hawaii and I get little doses of the islands by just talking to her. That doesn’t mean I don’t dream about visiting, taking in the scenery, the lifestyle.. Still trying to convince her to share her daily hawaiian life with us, wouldn’t that be fabulous?

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Another vacation idea would be the wineries in Napa, California. Growing up by there, just the thought of it gives me that “reminiscent” feeling.

Do you have an ideal spot you’d like to vacation?

Unfortunately, for a lot of us, right now isn’t really an ideal time for a vacation, especially one that requires a lot of travel and planning. However, there are some things you can do to have that vacation feeling that wouldn’t’ require much planning or money.

These tips below are tried and true, directly from my dear mother. She is a smart cookie, that woman. Growing up, I swore her and Martha Stewart were sisters – they always had the same ideas and man, you should see my mom’s kitchen. It’s drool worthy. My mom is going to share a few tips that will allow you to take a vacation without breaking the bank.

Did you know that movies, books, music and food can take you on a trip around the world? They can, here’s how:

My husband and I take a “vacation at home” once a year. We go to museums and historical sights within a twenty mile radius of our house. We go to the movies. We go out to new restaurants. We go to second hand and antique stores. We plant flowers, cook our favorite meals. All of these things can bring a refreshing feeling to your life.

I will say “let’s go to Italy today”. We will watch a favorite Italian movie, “(Tea with Mussolini)”, make pasta, and listen to Dean Martin or Sinatra (Frankie Baby). We take out the pictures of our trips to Italy from when we were younger and watch our slides. Reminiscing.

We have been to many places in our imaginations applying this principal. Spain, England, Germany. What a great way to remember the places we have visited in the past, but will not visit again (except in our imaginary vacation). Our horizons are never limited and we have saved a fortune by staying in the coziest B&B of all, our own home.

Where will you take a trip to, today?

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  • Jess T.

    What a great idea! We will totally try this at our place… but where should we “travel” to?!

    • Cheri

      Jess T…. Thankyou for your positive comment. As to your question, where shall we go on the vacation? Allow me to suggest an example. My husband & I recently went to “Greece”. I cooked “Stuffed Green Peppers”, with salad, olives, fresh bread etc. We watched the movie “Mamma Mia”, discussed Greek history. Vocal point, postcards, maps, books, and of course we voyaged to the islands via the “QE2”. Go to your favorite place on planet earth, during any time period, there are no limits. Check-out the movies, music, books free from your local Library. Use coupons to offset cost for meal prep.

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